Yamaha’s New F20 the Perfect Match for 20 h.p. Rated Boats

By Craig Lamb

Boat owners whose boats are rated for 20 horsepower outboards have an ideal match for repowering or rigging a new boat with the Yamaha F20. The motor is the perfect choice for fishing small waters for panfish with its easy to start, easy to handle design.

The F20’s Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system operates without a battery, reducing weight in the boat and minimizing rigging requirements. This means if you want to go light, you can. (A battery is required for electric-start capability.) EFI also means smooth running, excellent fuel efficiency and easy manual starting.

Yamaha’s New F20 the Perfect Match for 20 h.p. Rated Boats Boat owners whose boats are rated for 20 horsepower outboards have an ideal match

Trolling is a given when searching for panfish, and anglers get more value and functionality with Variable Trolling RPM. Controlled by the Multi-Function Tiller Handle, Command Link display or helm-mounted remote switch, Yamaha’s Variable RPM Switch allows the operator to adjust engine trolling speed from 750 to 1050 rpm in 50 rpm increments. The result is precise and consistent trolling speeds in an array of boating and fishing conditions. You can even set the throttle to engine speeds lower than a normal idle speed of up to 150 rpm. That makes bait presentations and speeds even more controllable.

What else is impressive for small waters fishing is how easy the F20 is to maneuver. A 45-degree steering angle in each direction means great maneuvering potential around standing timber, tight channels and around docks.

When it comes time to remove and transport this minimalist’s dream of a small outboard, you can be rest assured the motor is cushioned from harm with two resting pads for easy storage.

The new F20 is built around the award-winning F25, an Innovation Award-winning outboard that immediately set the industry standard. Modified ECU mapping and a redesigned camshaft allows the new F20 to harness the huge potential of this outboard and to optimize its performance. The result is an exceptionally strong outboard with the versatility
to power a wide variety of boats.

The new F20 delivers fast acceleration and enhanced boat performance under load, so when it’s time to hit the water, you won’t have to leave anything (or anyone) behind. The variable trolling rpm switch makes the F20 the perfect fishing companion, while the easy to use fresh water flush attachment makes the engine a breeze to clean at the end of the day. Built-in ergonomic carry handles and two-position resting pads make it easy to remove and store the F20.

Customers can choose manual start configuration, using Yamaha’s battery-less EFI technology, to power their boat with minimum rigging requirements.

Yamaha offers a range of electric-start configurations, all with the added peace of mind of factory installed manual pull start.

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