Yamaha’s CL7 Display Enhanced


Yamaha’s CL7 Display Enhanced

By Capt. Gus Cane

The view just got better. Yamaha’s CL7 gateway display has been updated with new software and compatibility, making it an even more useful accessory for boaters. Like the earlier version, the latest 7-inch touchscreen display comes in two models with detailed fresh and saltwater maps or without the mapping function. The mapping function can always be added later. Fuel flow and economy, rudder angle and battery charge level monitoring functions are still standard. With the update, gauges can now be integrated. Up to four outboards can be monitored using the CL7 display.

Adding Command Link® capability is one of the more significant improvements to the new CL7. Integration, mapping, and NMEA 2000® networking is now possible on Command Link controlled boats. It is compatible with both Command Link Plus® and the Command Link systems. Boat owners with mechanically controlled outboards will appreciate this change.

The update allows users to determine the key SetPoint™ function. In combination with the Helm Master digital control system, this lets operators program preferences for FishPoint™, DriftPoint™, and StayPoint™ modes. As the engines vector to maintain these pre-determined positions, each individual engine may be running at different RPM levels or gear settings at once. So the two units—Helm Master and the CL7—offer comprehensive control and monitoring.

Setting the RPM levels is easier now with the new system, too. The Variable Lock-to-Lock steering setting can be pre-set at up to four RPM levels, so the number of turns lock to lock can be tailored to the user’s preference. At low RPMs, the number of turns are reduced, while at higher RPMs turns can be increased.

The CL7 improvements also include updates that integrate the new Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore™ outboards.

As a single multi-function display, the new CL7 give boaters a comprehensive assessment of the engine performance, better control and a whole lot more, all with the touch of a fingertip.

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Original Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle.com


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