Yamaha Welcomes 25 inch SHO 150 and 250 to the Family


Yamaha Welcomes 25 inch SHO 150 and 250 to the Family

by Ted Lund


Yamaha Outboards, the world’s leader in reliable, clean and quiet four-stroke outboard power is welcoming two additions to its highly popular line of V Max SHO® engines with the new 150-hp and 250-hp X-shaft models.

New 25" Shaft

New 25″ Shaft

The SHO V Max family proved incredibly popular with bass and flats boat owners and now building on that success, Yamaha is bringing the best-in-class power-to-weight ratio to multi-species, bay boat and offshore applications thanks to the X-shaft, perfect for boats requiring a 25-inch shaft length.


2.8-Litre V MAX SHO 150 25” shaft

Whether running  flats, bass, pontoon or multi-species boats, the V MAX SHO 150 truly delivers the performance you have come to expect from a Yamaha V MAX SHO — with all the upside associated with four-stroke power: clean, quiet operation and great fuel efficiency.

Yamaha’s Variable Camshaft Timing System (VCT) helps the 2.8-liter inline four develop lots of power in the

250 HP 25" Shaft

250 HP 25″ Shaft

midrange of the power curve for great overall performance as well as top speed. The 150 V Max SHO is super smooth and powerful, thanks to advanced double overhead cams, four valves per cylinder and counterbalance shafts. It’s also extremely fuel efficient, delivering 30 to 40 percent better fuel efficiency than its carbureted two-stroke counterpart.

The V MAX SHO 150 allows more efficient use of space since you don’t have to carry two-stroke oil and there’s no need for a tank, allowing for more space for batteries or extra storage.


4.2-Litre VMAX SHO 250 25” shaft

The outboard that started it all, the VMAX SHO 250 offers outrageously light weight and outstanding performance with all the benefits of a four stroke – changing the game.

This 4.2-liter monster was originally envisioned as a bass boat solution, but it’s found a following among a host of other boaters and now comes with a 25-inch shaft for multi-specie and other applications.


Untouched Technology

The V MAX SHO 250 has 4.2-liters of big-bore V6 displacement . Plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders increase

displacement without enlarging the outer diameter of the cylinder, resulting in an outboard with the largest displacement in its class. That technology also contributes to its light weight.


Unequaled Performance and Hole Shot

The V MAX SHO 250 has instant throttle response, especially in the mid-range — performance you can feel. The fuel efficiency is hard to beat as well; the V MAX SHO 250 burns an average of 12 percent less fuel than a comparable direct-injection two stroke. As with all four-strokes, there’s no need to carry two-stroke oil and available space in the boat can be used more efficiently. And because it’s a Yamaha four-stroke, it’s quiet. Thanks to features such as advanced four valves per cylinder and precision components, the outboard operates smoothly.


Multiple Control Options

Both engines offer easy rigging, including analog, 6Y5 digital or CommandLink gauges. And Yamaha’s variable trolling RPM switch (VTS®) allows anglers to adjust the trolling speed in 50 RPM increments from 650 to 900 RPM using a Yamaha Command Link® gauge.


For more information on the entire family of Yamaha outboards or to locate an authorized Yamaha retailer, visit http://yamahaoutboards.com


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