Yamaha Marine Announces Release of Third Video in “Fishing with Helm Master®” Series

Yamaha Marine Announces Release of Third Video in “Fishing with Helm Master®” Series


Yamaha Marine Group announced today the release of “Trolling with Helm Master,” the third short video in the new “Fishing with Helm Master” series that portrays real-world fishing applications and maneuvering capabilities of Helm Master, Yamaha’s fully integrated boat control system.

In “Trolling with Helm Master,” Yamaha Saltwater Pro and Captain George Mitchell uses ballyhoo as bait to demonstrate the importance of using Helm Master Speed Control to maintain the right speed for the best presentation of the bait.  The “Fishing with Helm Master” video series is also available on http://yamahaoutboards.com/rigging/helm-master/overview.

“When trolling, I want the bait to swim but also skip across the top of the waves. To do this, you have to speed up and slow down,” said Capt. Mitchell. “With Helm Master Speed Control, I can adjust the trolling speed by incrementally increasing or decreasing the RPM as I need to. This allows me to achieve a better presentation and improve the opportunities for bites.”

Yamaha will add one more video to the “Fishing with Helm Master” series this fall at http://www.yamahaoutboards.com and http://www.youtube.com.

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* Helm Master available on select new twin, triple and quad Yamaha outboards installed on new boat packages manufactured by participating boat builders and sold by authorized dealers only.


Original Source: Yamaha Outboards.com



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