Yamaha Helm Master V.2


Yamaha Helm Master V.2

By Capt. Gus Cane


It’s hard to improve upon true innovation. But that’s exactly what Yamaha Marine has accomplished with its latest version of Helm Master, the fully integrated boat control system. Using an electronic joystick control and two or more outboards to vector and shift directions, Helm Master offers numerous advantages for anglers and pleasure boaters alike. Adjusting for precise trolling speeds or holding in an exact spot to catch bait or cast to structure are some of the fishing benefits. Effortless docking also makes boating less intimidating for novices. With Helm Master’s intuitive handling capability, former yacht owners are downsizing to large center consoles like those made by Grady-White®, Regulator®, and Jupiter®, opting to run the boat themselves rather than employ a crew. And now, the system’s latest improvements make it even more user-friendly.

Using the CL7 multi-function display, operators can select several modes of precise control. From the FishPoint™ setting, single bumps of the joystick control (forward, rearward or sideways) move the boat’s position by 10 feet respectively. Adjusting within a three-second interval allows total movement up to 100 feet. Power output can also be adjusted according to conditions in the FishPoint High Mode RPM setting.

Boats with quadruple outboards gain more stealth using the new FishPoint setting as well. In this configuration, thrust is provided by the center engines, while the outer pair boosts electrical charge output.

StayPoint™ and DriftPoint™ modes allow subtle correction of the boat’s heading. One twist of the joystick triggers a correction of the bow heading by five degrees. Additional corrections up to 50 degrees total can be made within the three-second delay. These new improvements allow direct control simply with the joystick without leaving the master SetPoint mode. The previous version required a transition between functions.

Anglers slow trolling live baits or working a strong rip will appreciate another added feature of the new Helm Master called Pattern Shift. In this function, the operator can choose to troll below standard in-gear trolling speeds by shifting in and out of gear. Minimum speeds can be as slow as 0.5 miles per hour in calm water using this capability. Boats targeting king mackerel with ribbonfish and hardtails or soaking a live tuna for giant marlin will certainly appreciate this latest change.


Digital circuitry and fly-by-wire controls are rapidly changing the ways we boat and fish. With the introduction of Yamaha’s new Helm Master control system, operators now have even more precise fingertip control and maneuverability. And that’s always welcome news.

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Original source; Sportsmans Lifestyle.com


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