Where Will the Black & Silver Road Lead?


Where Will the Black & Silver Road Lead?

by Amy Lignor


In the movies, the road was made of yellow brick, but when it comes to issues regarding the NFL, it is the road of silver and black that fans most care about.


NFL, soap opera, Oakland Raiders, Mark Davis, Larry MacNeil, San Diego Chargers, CaliforniaYes, it is true that almost the second the Super Bowl winner is crowned people are practically begging for
information regarding their favorite sport. Whether it be an odd announcement (Manziel out, RGIII in at
Cleveland); or a soap opera playing out (will Kap be kept in San Fran or will he take on the role that the latest Super Bowl winning QB retired from?); or simply frightening (will the silver and black Raiders stay the pride of Oakland, or will they be headed for the bright lights and big city of L.A.?), all NFL fans need is something to tide them over until the season starts up once again.


Well…for fans who have been following a rue NFL soap opera, with each announcement leading to a semi-different announcement, it seems that the silver and black will remain the pride of Oakland…at least for one more year. A lease was announced that keeps the Oakland Raiders where they are until the end of the 2016 season, which is making fans quite happy. In fact, since the announcement, it still appears almost daily on all NFL shows.


The speculation regarding the Raiders has been the ultimate epic tale, considering that this all first began back in 2012. Ever since the 2012 season, the Raiders have had ONLY one-year contracts with Oakland which has constantly left their future up in the air. Good news? This particular lease just signed does have a change from the ones before; it includes not only 2016, but also includes two one-year options which would allow the silver and black to remain in Oakland until the 2018 season comes to a close.


Raiders’ owner Mark Davis agreed to the options in this lease. Although many people in Oakland and troubled fans believe that Mark Davis wants those big city lights of L.A., he actually favored the two option years in hopes of getting a stadium deal done (finally) in Oakland. Davis wants the permanent facility but, yes, if a better deal comes along Davis will most likely have to say so long.


The addition of Larry MacNeil to the Raiders stadium development team was a big boost for Oakland fans. MacNeil being there actually makes Davis’s pledge that he wants his team to stay put, more believable. MacNeil just worked for the 49ers and was “responsible for the development of Levi’s Stadium,” so he already knows how tough California is when it comes to stadiums being built.


The bottom line (as with everything else) in this scenario is money. Davis has stated that both the Raiders team and the NFL would be able to contribute $300 million to the cost, but that would leave the rest of the bill on the city’s back. The city has already stated that they have no interest in using public money for this cause, even when Davis said that a smaller stadium would be just as acceptable. Cost for a small one, gang? $800 million to $1 billion. (If Donald Trump were a fan they’d have no trouble.)


It is a fact that Oakland is a city on the poorer “side of the street,” but the fans of the silver and black are loyal and the pride they take in their team is substantial. If Oakland were to lose the Raiders to another city, it would create havoc and disappointment for the people who live there.


Another California team, the San Diego Chargers, have until Jan. 15, 2017, to decide if they’re going to be the team that will move to L.A., while the Raiders stay in Oakland and cross their fingers that the city will come through. If the Chargers do decide that L.A. is their destination because they could not get a new stadium built of their own, the Raiders will be up in the air yet again and the silver and black will be wondering what to do next. But if the Chargers do move, then the silver and black could go to San Diego.


Talk about a California mish-mash. Seems the only ones not in a bind where this is concerned are the 49ers. With their new stadium already built (although, not in San Francisco) all they have left to do is figure out who the heck is going to play QB?


(See that? Just a small nougat of NFL candy soothes the savage beast who’s tired of watching the NBA.)

Source:  Baret News

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