What Some of the NFL Players Did On Summer Vacation


What Some of the NFL Players Did On Summer Vacation


The return of football action continues to creep closer – less than 50 days to go before the 2017 NFL season finally kicks off. Everyone can already feel it in the air…even though the air is still amazingly hot in some places. But even Patriots, NFL, football, Super Bowl, Seattle Seahawks, Jerry Jones, Cowboys, Cam Newton, Ezekiel Elliott, Dante Fowlerthe TV ads are bringing back, and placing brand new NFL commercials in spots, reminding everyone about the players with great names and those (yes, Odell, talking to you) with names that are still at the top of everyone’s ‘watch’ list because they tend to go a bit loopy every once in a while.

All had time off while gearing up to find a way to stop the Patriots from doing it yet again and claiming another Super Bowl trophy this time around. So…what are some of the NFL players doing to wrap up their summer vacations before heading back to work? Well, here are some top headlines as of late from the NFL.


The QB of the Seattle Seahawks who some people hate (while others love so much they wish he’d leave that team because he’s a whole heck of a lot nicer than the rest of the players), shot a little video. A promotional stunt attached to the QB’s return to the Great Wall of China, Wilson took on the same ‘role’ as Sly Stallone when he played the beloved character of Rocky. Although, Wilson did not run through Philadelphia streets; he ran along the Great Wall of China while a group of Chinese kids ran behind him wearing his #3 jersey and carrying footballs. Did Wilson run the entire length of the wall (13,000 miles end to end)? I doubt it, but by all means check out the video.


Ahhh…Dallas. Jerry Jones spends his summer vacation pretty much the same way he spends his fall and winter. The latest headline to come out of Dallas came in the form of the Cowboys owner once again trying to stifle off-field events that involved the police and his high-priced, highly-valued players. This time we’re speaking about everyone’s new favorite running back, Ezekiel Elliott, who is one person that both Dallas coach (Jason Garrett) and Dallas owner are hoping will bring them back to the Super Bowl so Jones can once again shout: “How ‘Bout Them Cowboys!”


Seems Elliott was involved in an incident at a Dallas bar late last Sunday night. Oddly enough, for Dallas players, anyway, no arrests were made. But as far as what happened and what Elliott’s involvement was, the event actually remains unknown. It was stated, however, that Elliott also appealed a misdemeanor conviction he received in April for driving 100 mph in a 70 mph zone in Frisco, Texas. Add to this the current NFL investigation into allegations of domestic violence that Elliott’s former girlfriend made, and this is one running back that will be talked about all season. Unfortunately, probably not in regards to what he’s doing on the field.


Extra news out of Dallas comes in the form of Cowboys cornerback, Nolan Carroll, being charged with DWI; and linebacker Damien Wilson arrested this month on two counts of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


As stated before, what more can you say but: “Ahhh…Dallas.”


Another name that has been in lights as well as one who watched those lights dim, Cam Newton, Panthers QB, used his summer vacation to rehab from shoulder surgery he had done this offseason. Instead of doing what the normal “stars” of the game do, Cam came back to work in order to throw to rookies and new teammates during their summer workouts. So for those fans out there, this is a positive thing to see. Cam is throwing ahead of training camp which means he remains on track to once again go for the trophy and get back amongst the “best of the best” when the season comes to an end.


And to make sure that Dallas wasn’t the only one to be in the negative/police spotlight, Jaguars pass-rusher Dante Fowler was arrested Tuesday night in St. Petersburg, Florida, on misdemeanor charges of simple battery and mischief. According to police records, he was seen punching a man after a “brief verbal confrontation,” and then ending the spat by stepping on the man’s glasses, “breaking a lens.” This arrest comes just one week before Fowler and his teammates are scheduled to report for training camp. Shucks. Only one more week to go of his summer vacation, yet now Fowler is subject to potential league discipline under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.


It sure will be interesting to see what names rise to the top (and why they rise there) when the season gets underway.


Source:  Baret News



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