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Waste Management Inc. is an American waste and environmental services company, based in Houston, Texas. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is a component of the S&P 500. The company has been named by Forbes magazine as one of America’s 200 Best Small Companies (2004), 100 Best Big Companies (2002) and 50 Best Employers (2006).

There are two types of waste management in the state of Texas- the first is solid waste management and the second is the hazardous waste management. The two ways of handling the solid waste management are to recycle, compost and to utilize waste-materials to produce fertilizers, energy and fuel. The Hazardous waste management in Texas is a three-step process. They either dispose, export or treat the wastes.

1.solid waste management

Waste Management

It is estimated that there’s more than 3,000 waste disposal companies operating in the State of Texas. In Houston alone, there’s almost 400. It is a big business, really big. The solid waste field can be divided into three segments: collection, disposal and recycling. Since the last segment is the newest, we’ll concentrate on the other two for now. In general, collection includes the processes of removing trash from the source, such as homes and offices, and transporting it to a landfills or recycling centers. This phase is the greatest money maker for the companies involved. Disposal may include burning or burying the collected waste. Mostly, disposal companies are ready to accept any trash, such as household or industrial junk, medical and hospital waste, construction debris, and abandoned vehicles. They charge a fee for their services. There are also other types of disposal companies, such as recyclers, which handle specific types of trash. They usually charge less than traditional disposal companies. The most important factor in compiling solid waste collection data is the measurement of the number of tons of waste created each day per region.

2.hazardous waste management

The regulations governing hazardous waste management in the state of Texas were established by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). According to the TCEQ, the state of Texas produces 26 million tons of waste every year, out of which 61% or 17 million tons constitutes hazardous waste. This form of waste needs to be treated and handled in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is the federal agency that oversees hazardous waste management in the country. Chicago, a prominent city in Illinois, is another major contributor to the hazardous waste management in the United States. This city contributes 5.6% of all the hazardous waste produced in the country, which amounts to $1.33 billion a year.

waste management controlled process in Houston and Texas

In Houston, Texas, waste management and recycling is an important issue. An entity called the Houston-Galveston Area Council is responsible for waste management in the Houston area, and the city of Houston is responsible for the rest of the city. There are various waste management companies that help in controlling the waste management. Collection and disposal of waste are the responsibilities of cities and counties, while recycling is the responsibility of private companies. However, the Houston-Galveston Area Council is trying to promote the recycling process in order to conserve the planet from the harmful effects of waste management.

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