Tucket Footwear Presents the “Boat Shoe” that Does it All!


Tucket Footwear Presents the “Boat Shoe” that Does it All!

by Amy Lignor

Boat shoes are footwear that all the sailors, journeymen, and adventurers of the world love to own. In fact, they needed to own a pair when it came to having a comfortable shoe with non-marking, firm-grip rubber soles, explicitly designed for use on a boat.


However, the one thing boat shoes have not offered in the past is a 21st century quality and performance that is for today’s boating, sailing and water activities.


Tucket Footwear has a true “love of water,” and because of this trait, they have used their innovative, collective knowledge to fill a large gap in the footwear market that has existed for over 80 years. With a product known as the “Giller,” Tucket Footwear created a shoe that features the full virtues of the classic loafer/boat shoe, but also performs in water. In other words, while in the Great Outdoors, the Giller provides the grip needed, but you can also fully submerge them in water, and the Giller will drain in, literally, three to five seconds – drying fast.


Boating is more than a hobby for some, and an obsession for others. Being out on the water, enjoying everything from catching the “big fish” to simply taking the time to relax and enjoy the sea, has become a part of American life. Dennis McCormick, Founder of Tucket Footwear, loved his boat shoes; they filled a need. But when it came to getting them wet and having them dry easily, the normal boat shoes on the market could take hours or even the entire day to dry out. In addition, after they had become wet, they smell, the water spots that came about made them look stained and old, like a pair of shoes you basically hide in the closet or throw out in order to spend hard-earned money on a new pair.


The one thing you would assume “boat shoes” would’ve always been is water-friendly. Yet, looking back over the decades, the original boat shoe has undergone barely any updates. As technology and the world “sailed” forward, boat shoes were left behind. Dennis McCormick did a great deal of research and made it his mission to create a new “boat/loafer shoe” that combined the much-loved traditional styling, with modern design elements and modern technology. He and his Tucket Footwear Team transformed his mission into a reality with the Giller. Not only does it look great, feel great, and grip well, but it also drains fast and dries fast, so water is no longer an enemy.


The Giller has proven its remarkable performance. Not a surprise, when considering the fact that the Founder of Tucket Footwear has a background in both footwear fashion and technology. Coming up with ideas for over the past six years, the Giller was a true brainstorm of total uniqueness. 


Manufactured in the U.S.A., this fully-functional boat shoe, in a driver moc design, that can be fully submerged in water and drain instantly also doesn’t need to be put into the closet when stepping off that boat. In fact, the Giller performs perfectly from boat to beach to restaurant—even to the stadium to watch the game. And the sleek design makes the Giller one of the “best of the best” when it comes to style.


Tucket Footwear’s gift, however, doesn’t stop with the Giller. This is one company that also gives back to the community. With too many children going to bed hungry every night, Tucket Footwear has made it part of its personal mission that for every pair of shoes purchased by you, the customer, they will donate funds to community foodbanks to purchase meals for children and families in America who need help. In other words, this is one company and one product that is more than necessary.


Tucket Footwear offers a great adventure to one and all. If you want to find that perfect shoe to make boating even more engaging, head to Tucket Footwear and make sure that the Giller has a place in your wardrobe!


To learn more and order the elite boat shoe today, head to: www.tucketfootwear.com


Original Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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