Trump Speaks Out About Environment Creating a Lie


Trump Speaks Out About Environment Creating a Lie

by Amy Lignor


As a person who lives in the great Southwest, who is not of Mexican descent—and I say this, because I want no eyes rolling or tongues barking at this article; it is important to note that one and ALL people in the Southwest (if they not already do) than should feel the same—Donald Trump’s recent visit to Albuquerque was a real joke.

Trump Speaks Out About Environment Creating a LieDo I agree with violent protests? Absolutely not. Good people get harmed for a blowhard’s words, which is not fair. In fact, it’s a lot like a Jim Jones camp where people start “following” a leader who has no idea what’s going on. Trump came to an area after already stating many a time that if he gets elected, the U.S. of A. will become all Native Americans. I mean…he must have said that. After all, everyone but the Native Americans are immigrants, so he must not be singling out any particular ethnicity…right? Yeah, think on that.

We now have been told by Mr. Trump that a “sea of regulations” will be handed down when he’s president. Regulations to change all these silly things that harm America. Some things that are, apparently, not even real. That’s right, California! You may be seeing something, but it’s not actually there.

“There is no drought.” Those are the words Trump told voters in what everyone knows as an extremely drought-plagued state of California. Trump said this was all a mighty conspiracy, just like all singling out immigrants, yet not the rest of the immigrants. He stated that he is definitely going to solve the water problem because, of course, it’s not a problem. “You have a water problem that is so insane,” he went on to say to farmers in Fresno (by the way). “It is so ridiculous where they’re taking the water and shoving it out to sea.”

Five years of drought and a bunch of people in power have just been pushing water out to sea? Gosh, that is stupid. Of course it makes total sense that the people who run California would definitely want to sustain costs accompanied with this horrendous drought to…keep people in line? With what, exactly? Agriculture has paid a heavy price for the past five years which does not help the state one bit. Even with the El Niño event (another conspiracy, perhaps) that added an increase in snow packs last year that are actually responsible for supplying one-third of California’s water, 86 percent of the state is still in drought status.

A fake one, as far as Trump is concerned. According to your Republican man, state officials are mismanaging the water policy at the cost of their own farmers and crops. Now, yes, the farmers have criticized the state’s irrigation policies, after cuts to water allotments made them leave a million+ acres of farmland uncultivated.

Water in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta flows into the San Francisco Bay and then out into the ocean. The delta is a key source for farms in the fertile Central Valley region, and Trump says that by federal regulations saving habitats over farmland is what’s making them go belly-up.

Trump said that California is burying their farmers to save their Delta smelt (three-inch fish) that are threatened. “If I win, believe me, we’re going to start opening up the water, so that you can have your farmers survive so that your job market will get better,” the reality TV personality not educated, able to work with all organizations and get them to meet in the middle presidential candidate told the crowd.

Not surprisingly, he did not state how he would regulate and make state officials give the water back to the farmers and divert it away from already federally-protected land. Not to mention, he gave no facts, figures, or scientific explanations that would support the fact that a drought never hit California in the first place.

What he did say is that he’s received, “many, many environmental rewards and awards,” telling the world that he has, “done very well environmentally. I’m all for it.” This is the same week where he hooked up with Republican Kevin Cramer, a drilling advocate and climate change scoffer, making Cramer his energy advisor this month. In other words, a very non-environmental guy holding the reins of a very environmental man? Seems odd, doesn’t it? Not really, when you realize they are just both big-businessmen.

In the end, we shall see if any actual “proof” comes from any of the statements Trump has made about what his role would be and how he would actually accomplish it. Maybe he’ll combine the two promises. That strategy would work. I’m sure the water problem will be solved once he “sends back” everyone who is not a “real” American to their home countries. The Native Americans should have a much easier time when the rest of us are sent back to where we originally came from.

Politics involves actions behind words, everyone. If words were it, everyone from Poe to Jane Austen would’ve held the office by now. And, mark my words, both would have done far better speeches than this one has.


Source:  Baret News

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