The State Of Confusion


The State Of Confusion

I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! Ahh, Here we go.

Well, it looks like the Presidents state of the union, or as I call it, the state of confusion is out of the way. But this one was the most important one of all the of his address, this is his Legacy speech. This is the one where a president knows that they can say almost anything. Seriously, any of us hardcore political junkies watching expected at any minute that the president was going to go off script and say something like “Hey, I’m gonna start smoking again, or, by the way, folks, I spent a million dollars on Powerball tickets and if i win, I’m gonna give all who voted for me a stimulus packages. however, he stayed on track. But much to my surprise he said almost NOTHING about gun control. I guess if you want to secure your LEGacy you probably don’t want to mention the one subject that you don’t have a leg to stand on, pun intended

The only real reason I watch the state of the union is because as ridicules as it sounds, I like to see the moments that both parties stand up and clap for something that the president said. Call me a dreamer, or just an optimistic American. So, the two things I know that rang true, that drove these two parties to stand together, when normally they can’t stand each other, is the mention of our troops, and the fight to rid this world of Cancer. Now, if you can’t stand and agree on those two things, then you’re not only NOT American, there is a good chance your not even human.

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