The Literary Green

The Literary Green

~ Samantha Lewis

When we speak about literary ‘green’ we are not speaking about how much contracts are worth these days or how well an author’s book is doing in the marketplace. What we are talking about is the fact that this week the literary industry came back into the headlines and created ‘buzz’ to the maximum.

??????????????????????????????????????????????No…this is not about Amazon and the headlines that are constantly following them around where authors are concerned. This is a much more interesting subject (and readers will agree) – it is the subject of J.K. Rowling unveiling a short story that, yes, brings back the world of Harry Potter magic that basically everyone in the world has been missing. There are more fans of Harry Potter and his creator than Amazon visitors. It is the series that not only grabbed hearts, but it was also the movie ‘King’ that pulled in billions and, on top of that, got its own theme park that literally everyone in the world is dying to visit.

The literary world is a big one, even though the core of it has been the same people for a very long time now, with authors who have been household names for decades still leading the way. But there are some authors who have come into the ‘now’ – the present-day issue of making the world a better place by being more eco-friendly in their business. Older names, such as Thoreau, spoke continuously about the environment and how the literary world could do its part in making sure the carbon footprint would disintegrate. Now, authors need to focus on this even more. Using the extreme power of words, authors can introduce the issue of the environment, allowing their readers and fans to help ASAP.


Authors like Rowling can bring the ‘magical’ into everyone’s life, and she has the power to bring forth any issue she feels like bringing forth, and readers will listen to her as if she is the one holding the magic wand that could change the world. Even if a lesser-known author, however, your blog or book or poem can help. Your fan base is growing, so featuring tales that have that conservation or restoration edge is a great thing and will cause readers to jump aboard the environmental train.


Heading to a mountain retreat where you can enjoy nature and partake of the calm and relaxation in order to write the next or future bestseller is also a great idea. There, authors can be inspired to do even the littlest of things – from recycling their ink cartridges to making the choice to submit to publishers out there who donate funds to organizations that plant trees, and even publishers that make sure to use recycled paper when doing their printing. That alone saves millions of dollars and makes sure that forests remain healthy and not turn into barren wastelands that do no one any good.


Of course, the biggest time and money saver – not to mention moneymakers – in the literary industry come from that Nook and Kindle that have saved billions on printing. In fact, every big name from Rowling to King will tell you that the electronic versions of their books sell as if there WAS a magical wand pointing at readers and telling them to utilize the electronic format, which saves the woodlands we love and need.


There are even Earth Day events and organizations that authors can join up with to promote environmental awareness and literacy in America.


You see, the literary world can be exciting. Every time a big name drops a bombshell that increases eagerness when it comes to reading, like Rowling did by publishing a 1,500-word story on her website (, which offers up Harry as a 34-year-old husband and father, excitement is generated. There are now stars in everyone’s eyes waiting (and begging) for any information that Rowling will provide.


You out there in the literary world may just be the one that brings about this ‘buzz’ one day; therefore, being a ‘voice’ that speaks out about the world and how it can be better can perhaps create your own ‘Dumbledore’s Army’ one day – which, let’s face it, everyone wants.


Be a writer = being a spokesperson for the greater (and greener) good!



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