The 2018 Boat Show Season Brings the ‘Carolina Skiff’ Dream to the Consumer


The 2018 Boat Show Season Brings the ‘Carolina Skiff’ Dream to the Consumer

by Amy Lignor

Currently, the number one boat brand in retail sales of outboard-powered fiberglass boats, 24-feet and under, Carolina Skiff is the company to check out as you head to the boat shows and events that will be held in this  year.

The entire range of boat enthusiasts are jumping on board with Carolina Skiff.  With 60 models to choose from, the serious angler and recreational boating enthusiast will enjoy their time on the water by finding every option they need in the high-quality lines that Carolina Skiff offers.

The unique and well-known brands include Carolina Skiff and Sea Chaser boats. Heading into one of the boat shows this year, the consumer will not only get to see these amazing lines, but they will also get to meet the incredible dealers who share the same passion for the water.

Even more, is taken off the consumers’ shoulders just by meeting the local Carolina Skiff dealers because A+ customer service is always given. These incredible dealers do everything from answer your initial questions to handling every purchase. What that means is that the consumer has the right “partner” who will aid in the selection of the boat, choosing the best options, financing, and service. All new owners who begin their adventure with Carolina Skiff is treated with care and offered all the information they need to find the boat that is the perfect fit.

With high-quality dealers in 157 locations across the U.S., boat enthusiasts will find it easy to find a local dealer to meet their needs. Plus, boat shows are numerous, from the Mid-Atlantic States to Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and other locales. You will see why Carolina Skiff has managed to maintain their incredible brands for over the past thirty-plus years in the industry.

That’s right, for over three decades, Carolina Skiff has amassed superior boat building experience, created their stellar reputation and unbeatable legacy. This is one company that is committed to delivering recreational and commercial boat owners everything each needs. With over 60 models to choose from Carolina Skiff has you covered!

Visit the Carolina Skiff website today to request a catalog, pick the boat show event being held closest to you, and check out all of the models. Now is the time make 2018 one of the absolute best years for you and your family. Please visit


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