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Texas officials informed Fox News on Saturday that they will send razor wire & training on how to operate it to officials in an Mexican border city in order to improve border security.

As part of an unprecedented agreement between Texas and  Mexican state of Coahuila, that  is situated across the borders from Eagle Pass, Texas will provide c-wire  and training on its placement close to the border.

As The Border Crisis Goes On, A Federal Judge Is Expected To Reach A Decision On The Title 42 Lawsuit Within Days.

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Mexican officials will arrive in Eagle Pass in the coming days to be trained by the Texas Army, then take ownership of the wire & return it to Mexico, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Texas officials claim that this is the  time in history which an agreement has been reached, & that it will bring Mexican and US border enforcement agents together. Journalist Ali Bradley was the first to report on the development.

Texas has adopted a number of novel approaches to stem the tide of migration at its southern border. In March alone, there were much than 221,000 migrant encounter across the whole border, following several months of record-breaking migrant encounters.

The Challenge Of Texas Gov. Abbott Mulls To A Supreme Court Decision Requiring Schools That Teach Illegal Immigrants

If the Biden administration lifts Title 42, an Trump-era health care order which has been used to deport the bulk of migrants at the border, those numbers are projected to grow. The administration declared on May 23 that Title 42 will be lifted, but several states, notably Texas, has sued to block this.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had bused migrant to Washington, D.C., and increased border inspections in an effort to persuade Mexican and US federal officials to do much to address the current migrant problem. Last year, Texas authorities built a vehicle barrier to keep migrants out of the state.

Abbott said last week that his state is considering challenging a 1982 Supreme Court case that mandated that illegal immigrant children be taught in public schools.

“I expect we will resurrect that case and debate that issue again because the expenses are enormous &  times have changed because Plyler v. Doe is decided many years ago,” the governor said.

Authorities in Texas are offering a $22,500 reward for the capture of fugitive killer Gonzalo Lopez.

A $22,500 reward is being offered by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) for information leading towards the capture of escaped convict Gonzalo Lopez.

Lopez, 46, was found guilty of murder & fled from a prison bus following slashing a prison guard during a Thursday transit, prompting a manhunt.

A Texas Inmate Escapes From A Prison Bus Following Allegedly Assaulting A Correctional Officer.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office said in a Saturday that while they have no reason to suspect he left the region, “there is no evidence to corroborate that, at this time.”

“Gonzalo Lopez, an inmate, has yet to be apprehended. We has no reason to believe he had left the region; however, Highway 7 between Robbins and Centerville remains closed; please stay away from the area as much as possible. We’ve enlisted the help of several [agencies] to reclaim Lopez “the office had written

Residents with in search area are advised to lock all doors to their homes, buildings, and vehicles.

According to Fox 26, Lopez, who is one of 16 inmates aboard the bus, was able to free himself before stabbing the bus driver with in hand with an unknown item.

A Missing Texas Woman Was Found Dead In Her Own Car’s Trunk.

According to the station, the officer wrestled with Lopez to prevent him from obtaining his weapon, and another cop fired bullets at him — but it is unclear whether Lopez was struck. The other detainees were not hurt when the bus fell into a ditch. As per the sheriff’s office, Lopez was wearing an white jail uniform when he escaped.