Tennessee’s Triple Springs Caters to the Quail Hunter


Tennessee’s Triple Springs Caters to the Quail Hunter


The state of Tennessee has a long and varied history when it comes to the quail. First, it is the Northern bobwhite quail (a member of the species known as New World Quails) that is the state symbol of Tennessee. In addition, Tennessee saw a serious decline in quail hunting only a few short years ago. It was in 2017, that Tennessee began to re-charge its quail population, and because of these changes there are a few great quail-hunting locales out there that are perfect for the hunter who wishes to bag that wild game.

In Middle Tennessee lies 780 acres that include a mixture of woods and stunning fields that have recently been transformed by reintroducing native warm season grass that ‘calls’ out to the quail, increasing the birds’ numbers. This location, called Triple Springs Ranch, is not only a fantastic place for the quail hunter, but is also a family place that is responsible for catering to generations over their many years in business.


When it came to replanting and rejuvenating the land, a cooperative effort with the Tennessee Co-Op centers, Triple Springs brought back a more natural habitat for the surrounding wildlife, taking the area back to the early 1900’s era. These improvements have been challenging even the most expert hunter, making the Triple Springs experience something that every hunter who visits Tennessee wants to have.


Triple Springs Ranch is an area that is literally stunning to view; nestled among the rolling hills, the fields, forests and valleys form a magnificent atmosphere for the outdoorsman and woman. And being that customer satisfaction is the number one goal at Triple Springs, the variety of guests from business people entertaining clients to friends and family escaping from the “real” world for a bit in order to enjoy rest and relaxation, has created a long list of returning visitors. The unique experience coupled with Triple Springs being able to maintain an abundance of upland game birds throughout the entire season, makes it the perfect venue for quail hunting.


But customer satisfaction does not end there. It is Triple Springs that also offers professionally trained bird dogs that impress the most expert hunter. And because of the fact that numerous landscapes are available, ATV’s and other vehicles are on hand for anyone who needs that extra bit of help traveling from location to location.


When it comes to the clubhouse, visitors can choose to enjoy the friendly atmosphere inside, as well as the large glassed-in porch that accommodates up to twenty-five people for meetings, conventions, as well as dining.


You cannot beat the comfortable accommodations, even after stepping out of the clubhouse and choosing from the cabins that are available for groups of two to four people. There is even a rental that has been remodeled for the express purpose of housing anyone wishing to enjoy an extended visit to Triple Springs.


The hunter can choose from half-day or full-day shoots, and from guided or non-guided hunts that Triple Springs is known for, and any size group or gathering can be accommodated. Seeing as that the fields are separated by woods and valleys, you can hunt one area in the morning and a completely different area before the sun sets on the Tennessee hills.


So if you’re a beginner just starting out, or an expert looking for that elusive quail and wish to bag just that while enjoying the beauty of Tennessee, by choosing Triple Springs you can embrace the hunt, the family-friendly environment, and create an annual trip that will cater to you and generations of your family to come.





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