Take Better Care of your Bait, and it will take Better Care of you!


Take Better Care of your Bait, and it will take Better Care of you!

By Capt. Ted Lund


Whether catching ballyhoo, sardines or dropping sabiki near submerged structure, filling your live well with fiesty baits is the most important step for fishing success.  Malin Co. new Bait De Hooker is the perfect tool to assist with caring for your bait for better bites!

It’s simple. The more you handle the bait, the more of their protective slime coating the baits lose. This can lead to infection, death and in some cases, you may spoil the entire live well full of bait. Don’t ruin your day of fishing by making this mistake.

Serious recreational and commercial anglers dedicate tremendous time, energy and resources to getting bait for their next fishing adventure. Few consider the single most important key to their success: healthy, frisky live baits.

Today, though, thanks to innovative thinking from leading industrial, outdoors and medical wire manufacturer Malin Co., anglers can avoid the baitfish blues thanks to the Malin Bait De Hooker.

After years of research and design with some of the top fishermen in the world, Malin has developed, a simple, easy to use a miniature version of its larger fish hook extractors preferred by commercial and recreational anglers worldwide.

Take Better Care of your Bait, and it will take Better Care of you!

Malin’s Bait De Hooker use a simple two-finger design that allows the angler catching the bait (or the designated Take Better Care of your Bait, and it will take Better Care of you!“De Hooker”) to wear the Malin Bait De Hooker comfortably on your wrist, never having to fumble around trying to find it. What’s better?  It’s easy to use and removing bait with the tool will prevent damaging the bait when depositing each into the live well. Bait goes in healthy and is in better shape when it is time to fish!  Malin’s Bait De Hookers are available online and in leading tackle vendors.

One additional tip.  When attempting to pen bait for a few days, transfer the bait slowly… just a couple of dozen baits at a time. This helps reduce fatigue and preserve the outer layer of mucous that keeps them healthy.

Want to learn more about Malin’s new Bait De Hooker as well as view helpful videos and tips to get the most out of your live bait fishing? Check out Malin Co. website http://malinco.com/fishing/order-online/.

For more information about or to purchase Malin’s Bait De Hooker, email Duncan@malinco.com



Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com



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