Advance Planning Will Enhance Your Next Fishing Vacation

Hot summer fishing and vacations go together like hot dogs and watermelon.

Tidewater 252 Adventure CC

A center console boat designed for hardcore offshore fishing without sacrificing luxury features is the

First-time boat owner wins Carolina Skiff from conservation tournament

A Florida angler is the proud new owner of a Carolina Skiff 16 JVX SC powered by Yamaha after winning the skiff at the CCA Florida STAR Tournament. Randy Perez of New Port Richey won

The Birth of Nate’s Nation!

Nate Parker The “The Birth of a Nation” Interview with Kam Williams

Keep a weather eye with these 5 tips

Keeping an ear tuned to the latest National Weather Service marine forecast is

Separating Fiction in this Time of Natural Disasters

There is always fact versus fiction when speaking about the news

It’s a Busy Time for Geologists

January 2016: The very first month of this year began with headlines about the hard-hitting weather in Australia

Safety Check your Carolina Skiff

Over time the skiff has expanded its inshore saltwater boating role from workboat to functional rig for enjoying water sports by the entire family.

Definition of the NFC Wild Card Games: Brutal

  Definition of the NFC Wild Card Games: Brutal by Amy Lignor   Whether it was more brutal to play in Minnesota in the horrifically cold temperatures, or it was more brutal to watch the game being played, is anyone’s guess. There were only two interesting things in the NFC Wild Card Game between the […]

When the Weather Outside is Frightful…Time to Vacation

  When the Weather Outside is Frightful…Time to Vacation By Amy Lignor   November is here! As the trick-or-treating décor is taking away and the large, cardboard turkeys wearing pilgrim hats arrive, the thought of winter coming in with a big, robust, freezing cold hello is on everyone’s minds.   When the weather outside is […]

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