Crossbows the perfect fit for youth hunters

Many states require a minimum draw weight of between 35 and 40 pounds for the purposes of archery hunting for whitetail deer and wild turkey. That keeps many enthusiastic youth hunters

APEX Gear Attitude sight with OPTI•CHOICE™ PIN SELECTOR

If you have been searching for a bow sight that is lightweight, compact and provides optimal adjustability the new APEX GEAR™ ATTITUDE™ Sight series is worth a serious look

Resurrecting a Relic

  Resurrecting a Relic A TRUGLO TRITON Tri-Color dot-style optic transforms an artifact into a turkey terrorizer. By Aaron Carter   Call it fortuitous; several weeks ago I strode into a local sporting goods store and there, among the assorted vestiges of the past and abandoned modern-day arms, stood a gun that I had longed […]

Engineer a Turkey Hunting Success Plan

  Engineer a Turkey Hunting Success Plan  By Jason Herbert   Driving to my new hunting location helped to reset my hunting patience for the day. I had been in the woods since 5:30 am. It was now 11:00 am and my game bag empty.  Most hunters would have given up long ago but, not […]

Late Season Spring Gobblers

  Late Season Spring Gobblers by Ted Lund Calling in late-spring gobblers is tough enough, thanks to the added visual challenges of spring growth on trees and underbrush. Couple that with a tom’s waning interest as mating draws to a close, and things are just a little tougher. Add a crossbow to the equation, and […]

Fourtrack Talks the Tom Bomb

  Fourtrack Talks the Tom Bomb by Capt. Ted Lund   Hunting outfitter Chris Fourtrack spends about 80 days a year guiding clients for bear, moose, elk, mule and whitetail deer as well three different species of turkey in the Pacific Northwest. A majority of his clients are serious archers, and for them, he recommends […]

The Turkey Man Reveals His Favorite Turkey Scope

  The Turkey Man Reveals His Favorite Turkey Scope By Capt. Ted Lund   Ask TRUGLO Pro-Staffer and world-class turkey call designer, Eddie Salter, what red-dot sight he uses when the season rolls around, and the host of “Turkey Man TV” doesn’t miss a beat. This Turkey season… “I love the TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Red-Dot,” says […]

Wicked Ridge Ranger the Perfect Fit for Turkey Hunting Kids

  Wicked Ridge Ranger the Perfect Fit for Turkey Hunting Kids By Burt Carey   Gearing up for turkey season each spring requires planning, and even more so if you’re expecting to take a young hunter with you. Young hands may not be ready to carry a shotgun all day, and drawing a bow may […]

TenPoint Crossbows Spring Gobbler Season

  TenPoint Crossbows Spring Gobbler Season by Ted Lund   Now’s the Time to Start Getting Ready for Spring Gobbler Season   Spring gobbler season is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to get ready to experience the combined primal thrill of archery with the ease and precision by reaching for your […]

“Outdoor Life’s Complete Turkey Hunting”

  “Outdoor Life’s Complete Turkey Hunting”   Thirty-four of the nation’s best turkey hunters and turkey callers, past and present, have filled this hard-backed book with their knowledge and wisdom. You’ll learn tactics from some of the early pioneers of the sport of turkey hunting, during the time that the wild turkeys were just being […]

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