Late Season Spring Gobblers

  Late Season Spring Gobblers by Ted Lund Calling in late-spring gobblers is tough enough, thanks to the added visual challenges of spring growth on trees and underbrush. Couple that with a tom’s waning interest as mating draws to a close, and things are just a little tougher. Add a crossbow to the equation, and […]

TenPoint’s Titan Xtreme Will Put Turkeys in the Bag This Spring

  TenPoint’s Titan Xtreme Will Put Turkeys in the Bag This Spring By Burt Carey   If you’re ready to approach this spring’s turkey season with a bit of a twist, TenPoint Crossbows has an idea you’ll find intriguing. The Titan Xtreme isn’t just a crossbow, it’s a crossbow that will have you wondering why […]

TenPoint Crossbows Spring Gobbler Season

  TenPoint Crossbows Spring Gobbler Season by Ted Lund   Now’s the Time to Start Getting Ready for Spring Gobbler Season   Spring gobbler season is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to get ready to experience the combined primal thrill of archery with the ease and precision by reaching for your […]

All I Want for Christmas Is…

  All I Want for Christmas Is…   Never go for wont in seeking a Christmas present for the sportsman in your family. In my house, everyone knows the game is all about hunting. Some camouflage here…  A rifle scope there… Passing down the aisles of your local archery shop makes short work out of […]

TenPoint Leading the Charge

  TenPoint Leading the Charge for North American Crossbow Hunting   Only one state – Oregon – blocks hunters from using crossbows. Go ahead: Read that again. Just 20 years ago, the controversy surrounding the concept of hunting big and small game with a device created in the 5th century BC was raging across the […]

TenPoint’s New Venom Crossbow

  TenPoint’s New Venom Crossbow: Compact, Light and Speedy!     American hunters have been asking for lighter, more compact durable crossbows, and TenPoint delivered this year with the introduction of the Venom. It’s a crossbow that combines old and new technologies in a powerful hunting tool that weighs a mere 6.5 pounds, boasts a […]

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