Apex Gear ACCU•STRIKE XS Series Bow Sights

As an avid bowhunter, I’m always looking for a sight to not only help me acquire a target accurately and quickly but provide adjustability while being lightweight

APEX Gear Attitude sight with OPTI•CHOICE™ PIN SELECTOR

If you have been searching for a bow sight that is lightweight, compact and provides optimal adjustability the new APEX GEAR™ ATTITUDE™ Sight series is worth a serious look

This All-In-One Bowhunting Sight Has Earned Its “Attitude”

  This All-In-One Bowhunting Sight Has Earned Its “Attitude” by Rob Reaser   Selecting the right bowhunting gear for your particular needs and shooting style is often an exercise in compromise—you need a piece of equipment to do “this,” yet you must give up a little of “that” to make it happen. Occasionally, a product […]


  APEX GEAR COVERT Sight Lens Kit   The prospects of hunting aren’t growing dimmer with age, thanks to a solution for cranking up the clarity and casting more light on the all-important sight pins. The COVERT Sight Lens Kit by APEX GEAR is the solution to low-light hunting conditions and challenged eyesight when hunting […]


  APEX GEAR CARBON CORE STABILIZER by Craig Lamb A bow stabilizer is a tremendous asset to a balanced bow when the hunter understands its purpose. APEX GEAR offers a full lineup of stabilizers, allowing archers to choose one that best suits their hunting needs. One common misconception about stabilizers is that their primary function […]

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