Stunning Quail Hunting at Upland Wings in South Carolina


Stunning Quail Hunting at Upland Wings in South Carolina


When it comes to the die-hard quail hunter, finding that perfect spot where you can enjoy the most successful and exhilarating hunt possible can be a challenge. However, the incredible staff at Upland Wings is just one aspect that makes this a true quail hunter’s paradise that will have you literally running to South Carolina in order to ‘bag’ those birds.

Their website claims are absolutely honest and true. By heading to Upland Wings you not only receive the best upland bird hunts, but you are also surrounded by ‘experienced guides, renowned dogs and the best there is in southern hospitality.’ Meaning no one can match Upland Wings for their premiere services.

Keeping this southern tradition (dating back to the early 1800’s) alive, Upland Wings is in the perfect location where milo and broom straw fields thrive – which provide excellent cover for every covey. It is at Upland Wings that the true enthusiast is challenged each day by the talents and wits of great flying birds that nest in the abundance of natural habitats all around: this premiere hunting preserve is part of the rolling hills that Piedmont, South Carolina can boast about. And with the southern hardwoods surrounding the Little River, the hunt is also great for those single birds that escape the covey rise.

It is a gentleman by the name of Marvin McCall who owns the land of Upland Wings and he will be the first one to tell you that, growing up in this spectacular area, he has worked hard and succeeded in maintaining the unspoiled environment to provide hunters with exceptional quail, chukar, pheasant, deer, and turkey. The variety of terrain is enormous so that you and your crew or family can get the most enjoyment out of every day.

Designed to offer a slew of hunting opportunities, Upland Wings will even customize hunts to satisfy the hunting enthusiast. Opportunities are available to hunt with the finest pointers and flushing dogs leading the way. There are also packages in place that can be chosen that include your own experienced guide:

For guided hunts, half-day and full-day quail hunts are available. Rates: 40 birds – $520/80 birds – $980. For Chukar, the rates range from 30 birds – $550 to 60 birds – $990. And for the Quail/Chukar Combination Hunts the rates range from a package of 25 Quail/10 Chukar – $510 to a package of 50 Quail/20 Chukar – $950. (*Additional birds may be added.)

For non-guided hunts, half-day and full-day hunts for those with their own dogs are also available. Rates: 40 bird half-day quail hunt: $300.00/Quail – $8.00 per bird/Chukar – $16.00 per bird/Pheasant – $25.00 per bird. (*Anything under a 40 bird quail hunt is $10.00 a quail with a minimum of 25 birds.)

A deposit of only 50% is required to secure your hunting dates at Upland Wings and ammunition is available for purchase upon request. (*Hunting license is NOT included.)

With all this to choose from – set in the most stunning area a hunting enthusiast can possibly ask for – Upland Wings is the perfect fit for those who wish to release the stress and enjoy the hunt, taking a step back in time to the calm world of pure southern charm and hospitality.


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