Sorry Budweiser…It Was Miller Time


Sorry Budweiser…It Was Miller Time

by Amy Lignor

The past was brought back to life. The 50 greatest games were shown this past week; the 50 greatest players; the 50 greatest plays – you name it and the week leading up to the 50th Super Bowl had it all. It also had a huge “Miller” slap on a Budweiser-sponsored day.

50 greatest, "Miller" slap, Super Bowl 50, stand out moments, Peyton's last rodeo, The Big Game, Commercials, The MusicMillions watch the Super Bowl for commercials and the halftime show, so let’s review here all three aspects of Super Bowl 50 that will stand out for a long time to come. (And one that really shouldn’t).

The Big Game. Millions cheered loudly, and some internally, as they watched a defense dominate a Super Bowl from step one. Yes, the Broncos did some silly things, such as, getting called for taunting which gave the Panthers back the ball; not to mention, other high school plays including late hits and personal fouls. Upside was, Cam Newton saw more of the San Francisco (actually, forty miles away from San Fran) turf than any other QB has thus far in the new stadium. The Denver Broncos QB is beyond beloved by fans, and watching Peyton Manning stand up, smile wide and seem almost shocked that he WOULD ride off into the sunset as the mighty winning Sheriff, was a joy to see. Maybe it’s a Denver thing. After all, Elway walked away from the game after winning back-to-back Super Bowls and now is getting the accolades for putting this winning team together. Will Peyton follow suit and retire now that he has his second ring (tied with his brother, Eli, in the family for having two rings apiece)? Yes. He will. This is not a hard pick, this one could be seen dancing in the man’s eyes as he stood on the dais and enjoy his last rodeo. He saved the best for last in a way. No, Peyton didn’t give a stellar performance, but what he did give was his humility and intelligence while riding the wave of a diehard herd that even proved to Seattle that the real defense is located in Colorado…not Washington.

And Cam Newton? Well, he won the MVP for the season and then fell hard (many times) when it came to trying to grab the MVP of Super Bowl 50. Worst part, however, was how he acted afterward. The one team many talk about being pompous show-boaters is the Seattle Seahawks. This time out, Cam Newton proved even worse than they did two years back. He sat in a chair, hands in pockets, pouting. On the field, he fell on the turf and rolled around like a…wait, is that it? Did he act like a baby? Hmm…perhaps Tom Brady lost his title to Newton last night.

Broncos 24/Panthers 10. Broncos QB showed humility and gratefulness and Cam showed…his true self. Now, perhaps, he can be placed in the category with the Seahawks’ annoyance named Lynch, a man who couldn’t be left out of the day. In true Lynch fashion, he decided to grab a headline from Super Bowl 50 by announcing his retirement. Too bad no one actually cared. Congratulations to the Sherriff and the “Miller” MVP who absolutely glowed gold during a Budweiser day!


The Commercials. What we learned from the ads was that if you want a car this year, you have choices. Every time you turned around you got a statement from Mercedes, Prius, Acura, Hyundai…you want it, you got it, Toyota. It seemed like the car companies were competing to prove that they had the most beautiful, hottest, “in” car that everyone should have. Although three commercials stood out. Jeep showed that they’ve been everywhere from chasing dinosaurs in Jurassic Park to being used to transport our brave men and women during wartime. The pictures and the tribute were very nice and made you want that rugged Jeep in your garage. The funniest for the cars came early on from Hyundai, where a group of people were running through the woods when the driver of the car waiting there for their escape “talk-started” the vehicle, jumped in and raced away, just missing that “grizzly” attack. After they left, the bears chatted about one wanting a hug while the other was out for blood, and remarked on how “talk-starting” was a cool thing. The third came from what looked to be the hottest vehicle – an Acura NSX. NICE! Can we all have one?

Moving away from the car industry, the funniest commercial came early on. Alien beings walked through a building called “The Museum of Earthly Wonders,” showing items that crushed and confused us humans. They laughed about the Rubik’s Cube being something the humans had no idea how to solve, and behind one glass wall was Scott Baio looking lost and forlorn, trapped in another galaxy inside the museum. At the end, as the aliens were eating Avocados from Mexico, they were told that they could feed some to Baio: “It’s in the price of Admission.” This one hit the funny button bigtime. You go, Scott! What a great representation of us Earthlings.

The creepiest is the one that will stick around for a while that really shouldn’t. Mountain Dew has a new drink called Kickstart. Three young men sit on a couch as a…thing comes through the door. It is a combo of a puppy/monkey/baby, and this creature dances, jumps around, and licks faces. I was waiting for characters from The Walking Dead to enter and tear the creature apart because it was that creepy.

Budweiser, the sponsor who always wins for best commercial, gave out a couple of harsh ones this time around. A lovely Helen Mirren telling people to stop being stupid and driving drunk. And a Clydesdale team running hard and fast, staying strong since 1876. Mirren and her speech pulled in the most viewers during the Super Bowl. Not a surprise. Hopefully, everyone will take the speech from the “Queen” to heart and STOP driving drunk.

But the commercials also shot us some good news: Jason Bourne is back; Independence Day “Resurgence” will arrive in theatres this June; and, X-Men “Apocalypse” looks beyond awesome!


The Music. Lady Gaga rocked the house with the National Anthem. The exciting, strange, and always interesting singer brought tears to the eyes as he sang, which has not been done since the amazing Whitney Houston did it. The halftime show? Well…not good. Unfortunately, the mics were not good enough so the audience at home could not really hear Coldplay – a fantastic band that should be heard at all times. Beyoncé appeared, Bruno Mars appeared…they were okay, but nothing to write home about. Perhaps all of us were spoiled with brilliant shows done by Springsteen and Jackson and others over the years. And perhaps the NFL knows this. Being that it was the 50th Super Bowl, during Coldplay’s incredible finale, shots were shown of the best halftime shows ever done. That definitely made you tear up knowing the best in the business are simply not as good as they used to be.

In the end, Super Bowl 50 will be remembered for a strong defense, a fallen QB named Cam who felt he should have had it all and then pouted about it, and a puppy/monkey/baby creepfest. BUT, the Sheriff touched the game of football for a good, long time. So, for Peyton Manning, Super Bowl 50 was exactly what it should have been: A man who deserved it holding the Lombardi trophy high in the air and heading off the field to grab a Budweiser…or two.

Source:  Baret News

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