Simply Beautiful: Photographs from National Geographic


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Phil Schermeister, Water Cascades Over Rocks as the Sun Sets, color photograph, 35 x 48.5 in.


Simply Beautiful: Photographs from National Geographic
September 28, 2013 – January 5, 2014


Supporting Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Evans and Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Stifel


Simply Beautiful: Photographs from National Geographic will take visitors on a visual journey through variations on the universal theme of beauty. Featuring the work of some of the most famous National Geographic photographers, the exhibition includes remarkable images from the Society’s core mission areas: exploration, wildlife, cultures, science, and nature.


The more than 50 images in the exhibition plumb the depth of National Geographic’s image collection to highlight the loveliest and most appealing photographs from this impressive archive. The result is an experience of visual delight, centering on stunning landscapes and quaint locales. The exhibition makes one ponder what creates beauty in a photograph, and illustrates the power of these images to “lift us out of a jaded world and make us gasp.”
Simply Beautiful was assembled by award-winning National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths, who wrote in the book that accompanies the show: “Photographs have given us visual proof that the world is grander than we imagined, that there is beauty, often overlooked, in nearly everything.”


Source: Vero Beach Museum of Art / Baret News Wire

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