“Reeling In” History & Fun at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum


“Reeling In” History & Fun at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum

by Amy Lignor


It is not a surprise to learn that Fort Lauderdale is well-placed when it comes to being amongst some of the world’s best fishing locations. Therefore, it will certainly not come as a shock to learn that the International Game Fish Association claims a spot in Fort Lauderdale for the world headquarters of their Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum.

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Walking through this amazing 60,000 square foot location, no matter what age or level of experience you may be, you will be thrilled at the discoveries that lay around every corner. Combining seven galleries, a marina, 4 acres of wetlands, live alligators, tours, virtual fishing displays, a library and even more, the IGFA has a mission set in place to do all they can to collect historical information and artifacts related to sport fishing.


Guests are enthralled with the multimedia displays and virtual fishing that allows them to “reel in” everything from tarpon to sailfish to marlin. And there is even an educational center which includes the IGFA School of Sport Fishing, field trips and a fishing day camp to start off those young anglers on the right foot. IGFA also offers week-long summer camp adventures for children ages 7-12. These young, passionate anglers get to spend time deep sea fishing, learning knots and rigs, tying jigs and visiting area fishing locations. Focusing on conservation themed marine activities, all the participants learn while having the time of their lives. Add in a cool gift shop and a great café, and the IGFA becomes a “must see” location for any angler or tourist.


Individuals, organizations, and clubs contribute materials of historical significance to the E.K. Harry Library as well as the Museum, where they’re secured and preserved for future generations. So when one and all wish to learn more about the evolution of international sport fishing – the science behind it, the technology that has developed from the sport, as well as find reference materials – the Library has it covered.


When it comes to the history of sport fishing, there is a true legacy that is thrilling to learn about, whether you be an angler or not. Filled with colorful and unforgettable characters, the advancements in the sport and the throngs of fascinating fish cause the imagination to soar. In the Library of Fishes, you will be free to explore one of the most extensive and comprehensive sport fishing collections in the world. A collection that is sure to see constant growth as the IGFA continues to work hard to promote responsible, ethical angling practices through science, education, and recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field.


The annual contest that began in October of 2017, and will end in September of this year, offers a variety of awards, such as the biggest catch of the year, with 74 eligible species, in the Conventional, Fly and Junior categories. Here, anglers compete with others from around the world, with the grand prize winners being given a fishing trip of a lifetime.


From their work on the Billfish Conservation Act to hosting IGFA’s Great Marlin race, this Association has continued to keep their eye on the ball and teach others that when it comes to game fish species and their habitats, they are assets that must be maintained and used wisely.


With the worldwide decline of many species, conservation and education have become important priorities for environmentalists throughout the world, which is why every IGFA educational program offers the opportunity to discover the “essence of fishing.” There is even a School of Sport Fishing for adults where they can learn firsthand from some of the best captains in the world. These classes are designed for those looking to expand their sport fishing knowledge – learning how to rig baits and even where to target game fish.


Just think, after having a true learning experience at the IGFA Hall of Fame and Museum, you can then head out to explore the amazing sport fishing spots that Fort Lauderdale provides.


For more information about the great work IGFA does, head to www.igfa.org.


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