More Power, More Choices for Inshore, Offshore Yamaha Outboards



More Power, More Choices for Inshore, Offshore Yamaha Outboards

By Craig Lamb


Give the people what they want. That is a theme for how Yamaha is rolling out enhancements to current outboards and rigging options.

Inshore and offshore boaters indeed get more of what they want with these new options and features soon to come.

Want your new Yamaha to be adorned in the most popular color for offshore outboards? You can order the F300 and F350 in white, the color chosen by more than 30 percent of new outboard and boat owners.

Going white

Until now, boaters had to pay extra dealer costs for a custom paint job that might not always meet Yamaha’s highest standards for UV resistance and corrosion protection. Now, full-line dealers and their customers can order the white option directly from Yamaha for the F300 and F350 outboards.

Why choose it

Protection from the harmful UV rays of sunlight is a standout benefit of Yamaha White. It is designed to complement white gel-coat surfaces, also the most popular among boaters. Ordering Yamaha White up front also eliminates the cost of after-market paint jobs. Those don’t always hold up to the abuse of the saltwater environment.

How to order it

Yamaha Outboards are available as late-stage customization features, so you’ll want to order it up front when purchasing your new outboard. The Yamaha White will be matched with the appropriate length gray-color gear cases. Place your order beginning in April.


More power for F200 twins

Offshore boats have long benefitted from twin outboards with counter-rotating props. Inshore and blue water boaters desiring the power and torque taming attributes of counter-rotation have it coming from Yamaha.

Why choose it

Inshore boats requiring a 20-inch shaft length can now take advantage of the benefits of counter-rotation. You can get more power with the twins when the props turn in opposite directions. Better steering and more power are the benefits.

How to order it

With the arrival of the LF200LCA, your dealer can now rig Yamaha F200 twin engines on boats with 20-inch transoms. You will need to order the engines with digital electronics. The outboards expected availability is  May*.

*Product availability is subject to change without notice.  For more information about Yamaha Outboards visit


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