Manning Proves Yet Again He’s Mr. Roboto


 by Amy Lignor

Okay, there IS such a thing as a great QB in the NFL. Montana is one that sticks out when it comes to constantly heading out on the field and throwing TD after TD without, it seemed, breaking a sweat. But, Montana also did throw interceptions. He did have a bad day. And even with all the rings and accolades, Montana’s career has definitely been dimmed by Peyton Manning’s performance.


Tom Brady is a stunning QB for the Patriots; he is also the prime reason why that team keeps winning even when they have a seriously bad game. Troy Aikman, Steve Young – there are many names in the ‘Great QB’ column; yet Peyton is starting to look a lot like a Marvel character – or a robot that Elway charges up before a game so he can go out and continue to throw as many TD’s as he wants without, again, breaking a sweat. Which is much harder to do in that thin air of Denver.


Yesterday was no shocker. Manning threw for four more TD’s against the Eagles, setting a new record of most TD’s thrown without an manning 2interception. Some fans will say; “It’s just the Eagles,” but the fact is that the Eagles have one of the top two offenses in the league, second only to the Broncos.


But the game itself looked a lot like George Lucas took over and brought fans through hyper-space in the Millennium Falcon. This game looked like it was nothing more than two minutes tops. Speed and efficiency were shown as Manning and the Broncos mopped the floor with the Eagles in what seemed like record time.


Scoring more points than they have ever scored in fifty-four years, the Broncos walked away with a 52-20 win. Averaging a league-miracle of 44.8 points per game, Manning is completing 75% of his passes (even though to the average viewer it looks like 110%). And the odd thing is – Manning didn’t even go out on the field yesterday for the fourth-quarter of the game.


Good is one thing; great is another. But it looks almost comical to viewers, as if Manning is on ‘rest mode’ until Elway pushes a button and brings Mr. Roboto to life when he’s needed. This is not a smash by any means. Peyton Manning has proven over the years that he certainly knows his job; but to look at a season where he’s putting up this many TD’s, and then flipping the coin and watching his talented brother leading a team that is now 0-4, makes this NFL season look more like a movie than a real thing.


Dallas is sliding; the Niners finally showed a bit of life last Thursday and are now 2-2. You remember them; they’re the ones experts said were a cinch to win the Super Bowl next year. Seattle is knocking down everyone they meet, and the Steelers and Redskins are looking a bit like teams that have no idea the season has actually begun.


Hats off to Mr. Roboto. But as any psychic will tell you, it ain’t over til it’s over.


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Source: BeFirst Media Group / Baret News Wire

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