Making Affordable Memories on Memorial Day


Making Affordable Memories on Memorial Day

by Amy Lignor


Once again it feels like the year has raced by. Memorial Day is coming upon us, and it is a great chance to not only salute the “best of the best” but to also spend quality time with your family. But are you worried about sticking with your budget while planning fun Memorial Day activities and parties at the same time? Most are, but it’s important to note that planning a fun event or a family get together does not mean that a lot of money needs to be spent. In fact, there are many affordable ways to enjoy the day.


Think about it. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it’s the perfect time to get outside, so kick off the season with a camping excursion, even if the journey only takes you to the backyard. Many locations offer day-use parks that are within driving distance, if a full weekend of camping can’t be planned. And there is fun to be had. You can enjoy the day by celebrating National Scavenger Hunt Day which occurs on May 24th. If you have kids, hide a treasure and then start searching. It’s a whole lot of fun and the little ones will have a ball whether the treasure be buried around the house or in the park. You can even find a downloadable scavenger hunt online, so if you have a rainy day, the kids can go searching for treasures in the house. Just remember that kids get excited about finding things, and no money has to be spent to bring smiles to those faces.


Memorial Day is the time to remember ones who have passed, ones who have fought, and those who have given their loyalty to this country, so planning a few things to do around the house brings even more smiles to the faces you love, while at the same time making new memories and sharing old ones. Think about planting some flowers. Visit your local nursery and invite the kids to choose what they like in a variety of colors and sizes. Go home and unleash the kids by allowing them to do what all kids want to do: dig in the dirt. The flowers will have meaning for you and the family, and the children will be proud to have been a part of it.


Raising that American flag at home is a grand thing to do and, yet again, establishes memories with the family. But if a flagpole is not on the property, do not get upset. There are miniature Old Glory’s that can be placed in the windows, in the flowerpots, on the lawn. And if a flag is not on hand, bring out the markers and crayons and let the kids make their very own. Creative imaginations are a whole lot of fun to witness and their creation will most likely become the most special family flag.


Road trips are expensive, so plan on having a picnic with those you love. You don’t have to invest in a whole lot of food to set on the grill, simply find a shady area, lay out a blanket, bring the toys and head to the local lake. Relaxing, playing catch, getting outside and breathing the fresh air will make this day a perfect one.


And don’t forget to watch the parade. Whether big city or small town, there is always some type of Memorial Day parade or festivity that locals can enjoy. Whether it be the marching bands or the floats or simply waving to the veterans, the parade is fun for all ages. For a special activity, you can let your kids write some notes and create drawings to then send to our troops overseas. It is the perfect care package that the men and women who are away from their own families would love to receive.


If you wish to add to the care packages, or just have more fun with the kids, let them wear the chef’s hats and create everything from muffins to pies that they can share.


Star gazing around that campfire is a great way to wind up the day. Guaranteed you will have some drooping eyelids all around, which is the best way to know that you have given you and yours a great Memorial Day…without having to break the bank.





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