I’m I phoning in Christmas


I’m I phoning in Christmas

I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream, Ahhh, Here we go!

Now I used to think that if I said something as an adult to kid or young adult I was going to get that look like dude you’re old. But you know what, too many things have changed in our world and too rapidly for that statement to hold any water.  I mean, if you told a kid nowadays; here take down my phone number and then I handed them a pen. You might just see them run away from you, in fear that you were pulling a weapon on them. Hey, the pen may be mightier than the sword, however, find a young person that can use a pen or even has used one in the past 5 years and I’ll eat my fedora … google that kids.

Alright, take notes … So, My wife and I are putting up the Xmas tree the other night, and we wanted to put it up when the kids were asleep ( I have a girl that is 5, and a boy is 21 months). So, that way when they came down from the stairs they would get the magic of Christmas in full effect, You remember.

The next morning, the kids head down, my wife says hey look, pointing in the direction of the tree!  Both kids look, took a beat and pay it as much attention as a pile of clothes we’ve asked them to pick up tow days ago! But then, without skipping a beat, they noticed my wife and my iPhone and iPad and proceeded quickly to them to capture the ultimate prize, the IPhone and Ipad.

Am I Old Fashion?, or is this is the way it’s going to be from here on in … Ill save the time and effort get a christmas tree screen saver decorate it with apps, put the phone on a stand, pipe in Christmas music and call it a day.

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