Iconic Product Lines Join Forces to Shape the Future of Boating


Iconic Product Lines Join Forces to Shape the Future of Boating


Every once in a while, a business makes an organizational decision that can have a lasting impact on the overall satisfaction of its customers. Recently, BRP did just that. BRP is the company that owns recognizable product lines such as Can-Am, Evinrude, Rotax, Ski-Doo, Lynx, and Sea-Doo. Each of these product lines, in their own right, have been at the forefront of technological advancement in their field. Evinrude, in particular, is a name that is synonymous with powerboating. When Ole Evinrude invented the outboard engine in 1909, he created a new pastime that has exploded into a multi-billion-dollar industry. BRP has also applied that spirit of innovation to its business practices, and recently purchased another seminal product line, Alumacraft, and established the BRP Marine Group which will also include the Evinrude product line.

It is said that the idea for the first Evinrude outboard motor came about on a hot Sunday afternoon when Ole Evinrude took his fiancée, Bess, for a row on the lake. When they were two miles from shore, Bess said that she wanted a dish of ice cream. Ole turned the boat around and rowed back to shore. Exhausted, he told her that someone should invent a motor for boats. Shortly afterward, Ole built the first prototype for a rowboat motor.

Today, Evinrude’s engine line up ranges from 3.5 to 300 horsepower. The latest iteration of the Evinrude engine, the Evinrude E-TEC G2, comes as close to perfecting the process of internal combustion as is currently possible. Released in 2014, the Evinrude E-TEC G2 is the cleanest combustion outboard engine in the world today. The direct-inject two-stroke engines deliver up to 20 percent more torque, up to 15 percent better fuel efficiency and up to 75 percent fewer total regulated emissions than top performing competitive four-stroke engines on the market. The engine’s California Air Resources Board (CARB) Three Star rating is the highest standard attainable for outboard motors, which is even stricter than EPA regulations.

Tracy Crocker, Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Evinrude since 2017, has been appointed President of the newly created BRP Marine Group. Crocker is responsible for the strategic direction and operations of the BRP Marine Group while maintaining his active role at Evinrude.


“The formation of BRP Marine Group with two iconic marine industry players in Evinrude and Alumacraft opens up a world of possibilities for us within the marine industry. Our key objective is to provide high quality, innovative opportunities that help families create unforgettable memories on the water,” said Crocker. “For nearly 110 years, Evinrude has led years of invention, re-invention, and innovation of outboard engine manufacturing. Leveraging BRP’s state-of-the-art manufacturing expertise in Powersports allows us to continue our development of exciting new technology and production of user-friendly, fuel efficient, and environmentally friendly outboard engines.”

A 72-year-old product line, Alumacraft has roots beginning in 1893 when Eugene Tetzlaff moved from Germany and opened a blacksmith shop in Minneapolis. The shop became known as Flour City Ornamental Iron Company. Over the next few decades, Flour City produced iron for the sustained construction of the Twin Cities. During World War II, however, the company switched to producing airplane parts and aluminum pontoons to contribute to the war effort.

After the war, company president Harry J. Neils had a vision to produce aluminum fishing boats with the surplus of metal and skilled labor that was available. A year later, in 1946, the Alumacraft name and product line was born. Their formula was simple: hire the best available people, listen to customers and build boats the way customers wanted. In 1996, Alumacraft celebrated its golden anniversary and had produced more than 500,000 boats, making it one of the largest and oldest boat manufacturers in the country.

“This acquisition was a natural fit for us as the first step in our newly formed Marine Group,” said José Boisjoli, President, and CEO of BRP. “In the short term, we plan to focus on network optimization and dealer conversion to leverage both product lines’ strengths and gradually develop our presence in the industry. In about three years from now, we expect to be in a position to truly transform the marine industry. Along with our approach to innovation and design expertise, we will apply a buy, build and transform strategy to do for the marine business what we have done for the powersports business.”

A spirit of innovation, technological superiority and the kind of respect for customers that comes from truly listening can only be found in these two iconic product lines that came from humble roots and have had the longevity to weather generations – that is what the new BRP Marine Group represents.


For more information visit www.evinrude.com and alumacraft.com.




Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com



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