Hurricane Season is Closing, Come to South Louisiana


Hurricane Season is Closing, Come to South Louisiana

By Craig Lamb

The folks at Home Run Charters have a message for anyone thinking twice about coming to the south Louisiana saltwater fishing paradise after the hurricane season.

“It’s over, come on down now for some of the best fishing, and now hunting of the year,” said Capt. John Pisa. “We were fortunate this season to not have any damaging effects of the storms.”

Located at the southeastern tip of Louisiana, Venice is the jumping off point for what undeniably is the better of two worlds in saltwater fishing. The inshore marshes come alive with the best fishing of the season for trophy bull redfish. Turn the opposite direction and head out into the Gulf of Mexico for world-class fishing for tuna, marlin and other pelagic species. And in the middle of it all, take advantage of a steady migration of waterfowl landing in the marsh to winter.

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Venice dodged two potential bullets this hurricane season, which ends in November. Hurricane Harvey veered to the west and made landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast. Tropical Storm Nate moved quickly inland after making landfall in coastal Mississippi.

Prime fishing, and now hunting, is in full swing at Home Run Charters & Lodge, where you will enjoy world-class fishing and waterfowl hunting is served with world-class service, first-class lodging, Cajun hospitality and gourmet dining.

Home Run Charters & Lodge has access to over 10,000 acres of marsh from which to hunt. You will be safely transported to the blind with experienced guides. The blinds from which you will hunt are the best available. Best of all, you can leave the hip waders at home.

Private access to thousands of acres means lots of ducks to clean and package for the trip home. The all-inclusive package includes plucking, processing and even Cryovac vacuum packing for all ducks harvested by the hunter.

A typical day begins before sunrise. Hunters are transported aboard safe, spacious skiffs to the duck blinds. The hunting ends around 10 a.m. when everyone is picked back up and returned to the lodge. After a brunch, the time comes for napping and relaxing. Then in the early afternoon, the charter boats leave the dock for some of the best inshore bull redfish action of the season.

Home Run Charters, Cast and Blast Duck hunting

Click here for more about the Blast & Cast trips. The all-inclusive package includes lodging, meals, hunting, fishing, and cleaning of fish and waterfowl.

The casting side of the package is equally as inviting.

“It is the better of two worlds,” said Brian Sherman, a licensed captain, and guide at Home Run Charters. “You can go fishing for trophy redfish on one day, and the next go out into the Gulf for big tuna.”

“The biggest redfish of the season stack up on the beaches and inside the marsh,” he continued. “When they school up, you hook one, and that brings the entire school with it.”

From now through January and into early spring the Mississippi River is lower than any other time of the year. As a result, the water is clearer and conditions more predictable for some of the best inshore fishing of the season.

“You can basically sight cast to the big bulls,” said Sherman.

Sherman guides clients of all skill levels and welcomes anyone to try something new, such as a guided kayak trip in the marsh.

“You can’t beat being at eye level with the fish, and the marsh and wildlife viewing is spectacular.”

Add even more variety by packing a fly rod, spinning and casting rig.

“We really enjoy teaching clients how to catch fish using a technique they might have never before tried,” he added.

After a trip into the marsh fishing from top-of-the-line Skeeter boats, or a kayak, you can expect more first class treatment for a trip into the Gulf.

Home Run Charters operates 36’ Yellowfin 36 center console boats that are powered by 300-horsepower Yamaha outboards. The fish can’t hide, either. The boats are rigged with the latest GPS mapping and sonar devices available.

What else is unique is a feature that is unique to the fleet. The Yellowfins now use a technology available from Seakeeper. The gyroscopic stabilization platform is designed to eliminate up to 95% of boat roll. The result is an even smoother, stable and dry ride than already designed into the Yellowfin hulls.

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Take a look around Venice, and you’ll be glad you booked at Home Run Charters & Lodge. The Lodges at Home Run Charters is not your average fish camp. Arrive, and you find elegance, comfort, and first-class service, dining, and lodging.

Bookings go fast, so contact Home Run Charters soon to make reservations. Call at (504) 982-8862; or (504) 909-TUNA. The all-inclusive package includes lodging, meals, hunting, fishing, and cleaning of fish and waterfowl.


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