Home Business With FREE Unlimited Inventory! Nerium is a GAME CHANGER!

by Betsy Smith~

WomanWorkingFromHome1Home Business With FREE Unlimited Inventory! Nerium is a GAME CHANGER!

Have you been in a home biz where you buy in to get started and that is just the beginning of the money you spend?

Have you ever had an auto-ship that was $100-$300 every single month loading you down with product?

Did you work and work just to find you could barely pay for your monthly requirement?

Well, Jeff Olson, CEO of Nerium International has changed the game!

With your initial buy in you receive lots of marketing materials, Jeff’s amazing bestselling book, The Slight Edge, videos and personal development worth a lot of money AND your initial inventory (current special of 8-20 bottles of Nerium Night and Day Cream).

Immediately you have your own website with state of the art information including the ability to send videos and marketing materials with just a few quick hits on the keyboard. All of the training to get started in there and done by those who have been successful.

And, once you have just 3 active preferred customers your monthly auto-ship is FREE. All you pay is about $9.95 for shipping and tax.

AND for each new customer and/or brand partner you will also receive another FREE bottle. Unlimited inventory as you build your business, something NO other company has ever done.

At this point, whether you want to build your business slowly or jump in and go fast, there is no front loading. You will not end up with tons of product that you cannot and don’t want to use in your garage.

And this is why Nerium and its flagship night cream, Nerium AD has set all records for growth. Over $100 million in sales in our first full year and well over $300 million in just our first two years. It has never been done before, and we have only just begun.

Want to be part of our Nerium Family? Our team is expanding all over the country. Give me a call at 847-431-3536 or send me an email at betsyrsmith@mac.com. Let’s talk!


Nerium International offers unique opportunities to Brand Partners who dream of owning their own business.

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