Got a little Cabin Fever? Now is the Time to get ready for Trout!


Got a little Cabin Fever? Now is the Time to get ready for Trout!

A little winter “cabin fever” can be turned into a great time that will pay big dividends when the trout are biting! Now is a great time to get plenty of your favorite flies ready while it is cold outside. Check out this great “standard” fly every fly fisherman needs to have in his bag of tricks. While you are at it, go ahead and make a few for your fishing buddies too!

Floss Body Bucktail Streamer is a good fly for beginning fly tiers.

Hook: 4X Streamer Hook Size 10 or 12, Tiemco, Daiichi, Dai Riki your preference.

Thread: 6/0 Color of your Choice

Body: Silk Floss Color of your Choice, be creative here

Rib: Varnish Gold Tinsel, Krystal Flash

Wing: Bucktail, again color is your preference


After placing your hook in the vise, tie a small base area of thread just back from the head.   On the base tie in the rib, followed by the floss.  Now wrap the floss towards the back of the hook, tying in the ribbing material as you go.  Just past the hook’s point, lift the ribbing material and place two wraps of floss behind the ribbing material. Now wrap the floss to the tie spot and tie off.  Now wrap the ribbing material forward, evenly spaced and tie off.  Now take the bucktail and cut off a small amount for the wing. Over a trash can brush out under fur and place in a hair stacker points down.  Tap lightly evening up the ends, remove from stacker and tie on to the top of the fly.  Have your wing extend half the distance of the hooks gap past end of the hook.  Cut off excess and whip finish, apply some head cement and you are ready to land the big one.


Original Source: Sportsmans

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