Good Samaritan and the Christmas Wish of an Injured Dog


by Denise Carey-Costachristmasdog

As the Christmas season is fast approaching, we are filled with the sense of giving, sharing and generosity. We also become reflective on the biblical stories that lead up to the Nativity.

But another famous biblical story that should also be reflected on during this season of giving is that of the Good Samaritan. In that well known parable a man was traveling when he was ambushed by two thieves who robbed him, beat him and left to die in a ditch. Two passerby’s, too busy and caught up in their own lives ignored the injured man’s pleas for help

A third passerby though heard the cries for help and stopped to give food and aide to injured traveler.

Recently, an unfortunate little Beagle dog was found, like the traveling man he was lying broken and abandoned in a ditch near Tarboro, NC. And, like the traveler in the biblical parable, many passed by and ignored his weak pleas for help. The Beagle’s legs were injured and he was so weak he was not even able to stand up when rescue finally did arrive. He was covered in ticks and scabs and could barely move. He was taken to the Edgecombe County Animal Shelter in Tarboro, NC which unfortunately is a high kill shelter.

Two guardian angels by the names of Peggy and Melanie came for this little boy and took him to Tarboro Animal Clinic, where he has been found to be free of heart worms, but it has been discovered that multiple tick bites have led to Lyme disease.

The dog has been named Danny Boy for his bravery and is now on the road to recovery with continued treatments. He is being neutered and vaccinated. He needs many donations and a responsible, loving home. Treatment and boarding are adding up.

How many of us, like the passerby’s in the Good Samaritan are caught up in our own lives, problems, and the material trappings of the upcoming holidays? So caught up that we have our blinders on and turn a deaf ear to the pleas for help from those not as fortunate as we are? A stranger asking for help to get a meal or a warm bed to sleep in, or one little Beagle name Danny Boy who just needed that one person to stop and help him, to believe his life was worth the effort of saving.

Please help Danny Boy get the help he needs. His medical bills are mounting. This little dog doesn’t ask for much and is appreciative of even the smallest act of kindness toward him. He does not have a long Christmas list either, only a loving, caring home where all of his needs are met.

Donations can be called in to Tarboro, Animal Clinic at 252-823-2295.

“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” Mathew 5:7

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