For the Sportsman/Woman: The Original Fish Grip™



For the Sportsman/Woman: The Original Fish Grip™

Proudly Made in the USA


Christmas is coming. As we all make up our gift-giving list, there is one present that should be on the top for all those sportsmen/women out there who need, want and deserve the best!

The Fish Grip is a fish landing device developed by an avid angler as he was trying to find a way to land a fish that was safer for the fish and the fisherman/woman. Taking his time to make sure the product was the best it could be – after 16 years of development and four different models – The Fish Grip was born.

A tool that fits both you and your prey, The Fish Grip is not just effective and proven to work, but also comfortable. Pulling a hook out of a fish’s mouth is far easier when The Fish Grip is added to the day, and it also grants you complete control over what can oftentimes turn into a ‘flopping fiasco.’

This adept tool, designed by a fisherman for all fishermen and women, The Fish Grip is made from a wood cellulose composite, they float and come in 7 different colors (including the ever-popular All-American). Other benefits include over-center locking; a unique Flexheart™ jaw design; a weight scale slot; and, a wrist lanyard.

Best of all, they are made in the USA! The Fish Grip brings far more safety than other ‘knock-offs’ on the market – safer in the fish and keeps the sportsman/woman’s hands away from both hooks and teeth. Each curve, knob, and indention were custom-designed to address the needs of landing a fish without causing harm to either animal or human.

It’s important to know, however, that you want only the best, which means you want only the original. Made in the USA, the company is proud to supply a great product and jobs for U.S. citizens, offering a stable place for a very dedicated staff to work. This allows the company to ensure quality standards by being able to oversee each and every unit that is produced. These aren’t foreign manufactured devices that are shipped straight to a store. Every single Fish Grip is machined, constructed, inspected, and tested at the company’s plant located in the Deep South!

Don’t settle for the imitations out there because they will not last as long or work as well. And that’s a guarantee.

Mark Davis, host of BigWater Adventures, became a spokesperson for The Fish Grip. Mark states:

“Designed by sportsmen, the original Fish Grip began in Mississippi. A great product, American made, producing American made jobs. Even though you see knock-offs, this is the one that will still last you longer, offers a wonderful price point that won’t break the bank, and has handled…I don’t know how many species for me, but we’re getting near a hundred! If it doesn’t say The Fish Grip, it’s not the one you want!”

Make out your Christmas list today and get your sportsman/woman the one and only Fish Grip that they will absolutely love.

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