Florida Dogs Need Donations for Food and Medical Treatment


by Ernest Dempseyweezer&bella

Florida-based animal rights advocate and dog rescue Larisa Scharikin faces the challenge to keep her dogs fed and provided with medical care after she recently lost her job.

Larisa Scharikin has done a lot of work to save stray and pet dogs from euthanasia and execution. But now her two dogs – Weezer and Bella – need food and medical treatment. She has started a fundraiser for this purpose. The fundraiser page reads:

“Weezer is squinting one of her eyes. Last time she did this she had an ulcer on her eye. Very painful. Bella is due for her yearly shots and needs Trifexes.”

The fundraiser has raised a little money for her dogs but around 500 dollars are still needed urgently to keep the pets fed and safe.

Visit https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/k2z6/help-weezer-and-bella-get-medical-care to donate to Weezer and Bella.

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