Fishing the Oil Rigs Filled with Surprises


Fishing the Oil Rigs Filled with Surprises

By Craig Lamb

The wahoo clears the surface after slamming your lure on the first cast. On the next, it’s a deep charging run of a grouper. Your fishing buddy puts another snapper into the cooler. You make another cast, not knowing what might bite next.

All of the above can happen in a matter of minutes and from the same fishing spot. Sound unrealistic? It’s as real as it gets with oil rig fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and specifically, in south Louisiana.

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If you like surprises, and who doesn’t, a trip to Venice is well worth it. The most fertile fishing grounds in the U.S. are located here. The magic happens in the marshes and inshore waters where the mighty Mississippi River infuses the saltwater environment with nutrients.

Travel to Venice and you will find a town filled with fish camps. One of those doesn’t fit the bill and for a good reason. The destination is Home Run Fishing Charters and Lodge, where world-class fishing is served with world-class service, first class lodging, Cajun hospitality and gourmet dining.

What stands out about oil rig fishing is the variety. You can sight cast to surface feeding fish, work baits at midrange or go deep dropping. From shallow water reef fish to the biggest species of the deep it all happens around the oil rigs.

Red Snapper,

The oasis of offshore habitat in the open seas is the reasons why oil rigs are so prolific with game fish species. The rigs provide refuge for baitfish and other species that are fed upon by pelagics.

Snapper, amberjack, grouper, lemonfish, redfish, shark, tuna, wahoo and marlin. You stand a good chance of checking one or more off your bucket list of saltwater game fish species.

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You’ll use the best and latest tackle when aboard the boats. The gear can stand up to the toughest pelagic species in the seas, such as premium 30w and 50w stand-up gear and Shimano reels with Seeker Rods. For really deep fish the boats have Hooker electric reels.

You will ride and fish in luxury from 36’ Yellowfin 36 boats designed for smooth, dry rides in the blue water, and powered by a trio of fast, dependable 300-horsepower Yamaha outboards. What that means for you is a boat that skims across the water at 50 mph or more. You will be first to the best fishing while arriving safely. You will fish from Shearwater and Skeeter boats for inshore trips.

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If a late summer oil rig trip is in your plans then now is the time to book the trip. Wait much longer and the action will slow down with the cooler temperatures.

Want to know more about Home Run Charters? Check out the website at Find out more about the inshore fishing, including rates, by clicking here. To get updated fishing reports, conditions and just chat with someone at Home Run Charters, call (504) 982-8862.



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