First Look: F300 Now Available in 35-inch Shaft Length

By Capt. Ted Lund

As outboard-powered boats have grown in size, so have the powerplants that drive them. Yamaha Outboards has been a leader in the high-horsepower market for years and continues to adapt with the addition of a 35-inch shaft length version of its popular F300 four-stroke engine.  

First Look: F300 Now Available in 35-inch Shaft Length As outboard-powered boats have grown in size, so have the powerplants that drive them

When Yamaha launched the 4.2-liter V6 Offshore outboards in 2010, they revolutionized offshore boating with the arrival of the latest in digital electronic control to complement their dramatic improvements in weight, fuel efficiency and midrange punch over previous engines.

Boaters were impressed with improvements in all

performance criteria, thanks to new technology and    

big-bore power.

Later, Yamaha introduced a control technology choice. Boaters can decide on either Digital Electronic Controls or mechanical controls for the F225, F250, and F300. The 35-inch model of the F300 is available only with the DEC system.

The introduction means that the world’s favorite big-block, light-weight offshore outboards are now available in almost any conceivable configuration to meet every possible boating need.

First Look: F300 Now Available in 35-inch Shaft Length As outboard-powered boats have grown in size, so have the powerplants that drive them

All of Yamaha’s 4.2-liter Offshore models have big-bore V6 displacement thanks to plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders. With plasma fusion technology, displacement increases without enlarging the outer of the cylinder bores, resulting in an outboard with the most significant displacement in its class. The technology also contributes to the outboards’ lightweight (588-lbs.)

But as the boating landscape changes, so do boaters requirements. In response, Yamaha developed the light-weight (588-pound) 35-inch shaft length model of the F300 4.2-liter Offshore V6 outboard. The 4.2L Big-Bore engine generates 300-h.p. at 5500 RPMs, with a full throttle range between 5000 and 6000 RPMs.

For a smooth ride and optimum performance, Yamaha has incorporated its vibration reduction mounting system. In addition, the F300 35-inch is compatible with Yamaha’s Shift Dampener System. The engine is also available in a counter-rotating model the help increase performance, ride and fuel efficiency on large offshore boats with multiple engines.

 Boaters will experience unrivaled reliability and durability, thanks to TCI Micro-computer Ignition systems, a 75 mm electronic single throttle valve, and comprehensive engine warning system. They’ll also enjoy unparalleled protection from salt and galvanic corrosion thanks to Yamaha’s Phaze-Five™ Paint System and sacrificial anodes.

To help combat the effects of high ethanol-blended fuels, Yamaha has included an onboard 10-micron fuel/water separator, as well as a water-in-fuel warning system.

Convenience and control are other big features owners will appreciate with the newest member of the Yamaha big-bore family. An integrated freshwater flushing port makes for simple end-of-the-day maintenance duties. Digital Electronic Controls make for easy dual-station rigging and integration with accessories like Yamaha’s HelmMaster® system. A 70-AMP alternator provides plenty of charging capacity to keep batteries topped off and live wells, electronics and navigational units running for a long day’s fishing.

Owners will also enjoy one of the best limited warranties in the marine industry. Pleasure and Government users receive a 3-year limited warranty, while commercial clients receive one year limited warranty.

For more information on the new 35-inch F300 and the rest of Yamaha’s innovative power and accessories, helpful boating and fishing tips or to locate a dealer near you, visit

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