Fate is Served in the UFC


Fate is Served in the UFC

by Amy Lignor


Well, it’s the truth once again: Fate can really come back to bite you. Especially in the sports world. And this weekend Fate decided to appear in Las Vegas.


There is another headline that will be booted about in the media. On Monday, the old Sheriff of Broncoland, the winning QB of the Super Bowl this year, will announce his retirement. Peyton Manning apparently believes that his last rodeo is over and is more than happy to fade away to do fun commercials in the pizza world. But there is a far more interesting headline to talk about.


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Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey was the queen. She was in movies, people loved her, and she was the best bet to be queen of the UFC for a good, long time. She talked loud…and then, she hit bottom. Like Rocky coming from the middle of nowhere and spoiling Apollo’s career, Rousey lost to Holly Holm in a fight that had everyone’s jaw hit the floor. She got sick. She almost took her own life. And Ronda was beyond frightened to fade into obscurity and just be remembered as the girl who spoke the loudest. Now…Fate has delivered her an interesting turn of events.


Rousey’s return to the sport had been forecasted for October/November of 2016; however, she is scheduled to be a part of the cast of two movies that have not been scheduled as of yet. Could she come back in July, instead? Should she? It certainly hurt her to lose. BUT, Holly Holm has now (very quickly) dropped out of her own queen bee role that she managed to snare from Rousey. So…what happens now?


For those who did not see it, Holly Holm lost that precious UFC title to Miesha Tate on Saturday night at UFC 196. (Something Rocky would never have done this quickly). It was Las Vegas and Holly Holm was more than certain – as was most everyone else – that she would easily retain her UFC women’s bantamweight belt in the championship bout on Saturday night. Miesha Tate, the one person who was not so certain Holm would easily slide through, took her strength, closed her mouth, and ended up scoring the most newsworthy finishes in mixed martial arts history.


Fifth round; final two minutes. Miesha landed a takedown with a rear-naked choke that was a vise-like grip. Holm certainly worked to show she deserved the championship she had – if only for a moment – and tried to shake her adversary away. Thing is, she wouldn’t stay awake to see her failure. Instead of tapping out and taking the loss, Holm continued to try and went into an unconscious state.


Tate secured the title, making this her fifth straight victory. When asked, the elated Miesha said: “I knew I had to finish the fight. I knew I had to be perfect in the fifth round.”


What she ended up doing in the fifth was what onlookers also saw her do in the final minute of the second round, achieving a rear-naked choke. Holm did have some shining light; she came out on fire to win the first round, and then went on to win the third and fourth. She even looked to be taking the fifth round to win the whole thing until Fate stepped in.


Tate is a former Strikeforce champion and should definitely be taken more seriously after this show put on at the MGM Grand. She was also, some say, the driving force that established women’s fighting even though the beloved Ronda Rousey actually got the credit. Tate’s second loss to Rousey came at UFC 168, but she was promised a title shot after defeating Jessica Eye last summer. Instead of seeing that promise fulfilled, Tate watched the UFC give Holm the shot at Rousey who scored a shocker and took her down with a knockout.


So Tate finds her satisfaction, taking down Holm who really wasn’t supposed to meet up with Rousey in the first place. And for Ronda? Well, the future looks interesting now instead of gray. When she found out that Tate had won, Ronda simply said: “Looks like I’ve got to get back to work.”


Tate will have a chance to payback Rousey for her two losses against her, and Holm will fade away as Rousey once again takes the stage and, most likely (thanks to an odd twist of Fate) thrills her fans.

Source:  Baret News

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