Essentials for the Bowhunter’s Pack


Essentials for the Bowhunter’s Pack


Time flies! Soon those early season whitetails will be roaming and preparation time starts now. There are those who are already busy setting up hanging stands and installing fall food plots, but even with all this important work, the one thing that cannot lack attention is your backpack. So what are the three essentials that need to fill that bowhunting pack in order to make a day of hunting a successful one?

Think of it this way. The whitetail hunting season is a combination of four parts: pre-season, the pre-rut, the rut and the post-rut. There is a reason why each of these parts is important to understand: deer behave differently during each block of time. Tactics of the hunter will have to conform to these changes, most especially the tactics used when hunting with a bow is the means by which you’re bringing the buck down,


Gear you may require based on the periods will alter a bit in order to gain that success you’re after. But when it comes to the baseline gear – the absolute essentials that will be needed in all facets of the whitetail season – the three to focus on are (oddly enough) the three that are most often forgotten.


We begin with scent control, which is an absolute must. In the early whitetail hunting season, the temperatures can vary to the extreme depending on your location throughout the country. Fall temperatures can range anywhere from the high eighties to the low fifties, and that one fact alone makes scent control highly important. There are good products on the market to make your stand “become a part” of the woods all around, but there are also several tips that a hunter can follow when early season bowhunting comes around. On a personal level, the hunter can greatly help themselves by taking time to travel to the stand, which then keeps the perspiration down and keeps the person relatively scent free. If you do not wear your hunting clothes while traveling and then change once you find yourself in the blind, can also make a big difference. A whitetail’s most powerful sense is their sense of smell, especially during the hotter early season, so make sure to get the right odor eliminating field spray. This one product is something you literally shouldn’t and cannot leave home without.


The second essential for the bowhunting pack falls under the category of concealment. For a bowhunter to be totally concealed, having a good pair of camouflage gloves and a face mask are a duo that definitely need to be with you. There are tons of hunter tales about getting into the tree, the weather being perfect, and they strapped themselves in only to reach into their pack and find that the gloves and face mask were left in the truck. Ensure that you have a spare set of gloves and a face mask in that pack of yours. Without that extra concealment, you may not be in the “game” for very long.


Third, bowhunting whitetail deer is not an easy task. In order to do well, a great many things and conditions must fall into place. In order to stack the odds in the bowhunter’s favor, a reliable range finder is essential to place in that pack. A good range finder helps take the guesswork out of bowhunting, increasing the confidence of the bowhunter who knows that their shot is critical. In modern archery/bowhunting gear, there are range finders on the market that perform the task without extracting all the money from your wallet.


As an extra thing to think about, take into consideration those small “tools” for the bowhunting job. This is one that is an equipment heavy sport, so having the right tools in your pack to make a quick adjustment will help a great deal, like an Allen wrench and a container of knock glue. These two small, run-of-the-mill items may be easy to forget, but if your pack is filled with the above essentials, your chances of success will improve dramatically.




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