Enjoy the New and Improved YamahaOutboards.com


MAINTENANCE MATTERS: Enjoy the New and Improved YamahaOutboards.com

By Capt. Ted Lund

For years, Yamaha Outboards has been a leader in on-the-water performance, as well as in online support. Yamaha’s commitment just got even stronger with the relaunch of a new and improved YamahaOutboards.com website. It is easy to see why Yamaha is the world leader in outboard motor technology. Yamaha’s superior performance is literally at your fingertips.

In addition to finding the latest on the 2019 lineup of reliable four-stroke Yamaha power, their latest accessories and retail details, a wealth of knowledge is available.

The complete lineup of 2019 Yamaha outboard motors and accessories are available, with in-depth information on each and every Yamaha model, ranging from the diminutive 2.5-HP for runabouts and dinghies to the all-new, state-of-the-art 425-hp XTO Offshore® designed specifically for today’s outsized center consoles and offshore bluewater battlewagons.

Owners can also make sure that their boat is rigged right, with an entire section dedicated to rigging with Yamaha-authorized accessories including digital and analog gauges, switch panels, LCD boat displays and HelmMaster® systems guaranteed to give you the confidence of Yamaha Power Matched components and rigging.

Looking to catch more fish or hone your angling skills? Anglers are sure to enjoy useful video fishing tips from Yamaha Pro Team Members like Capt. George Mitchell, Steve Pennaz and Bassmasters Elite competitor Mark Davis. They make their living on the water and couldn’t without Yamaha’s commitment to perfection and performance.

There’s also a host of videos demonstrating how the latest in cutting-edge Yamaha technology, like HelmMaster, can help in close-quarters maneuvering or catching more — and bigger — fish. Need help keeping your boat in tip-top shape or cleaning hard to remove stains from delicate surfaces, Yamaha has you covered.

Own an older model no longer in production or lose the owners manual to your new engine?

Not a problem.

MAINTENANCE MATTERS: Enjoy the New and Improved YamahaOutboards.com For years, Yamaha Outboards has been a leader in on-the-water performance

YamahaOutboards.com has one of the most comprehensive online library of owner’s manuals, allowing for free downloads of manuals dating back to the 2006 model year.

Once you get the correct manual and you need a part, check out Yamaha’s unique parts lookup system, simply by entering your engines Primary Identification Number (PID.)

For serious and casual boaters alike, nothing is more important for outboard motors than maintenance. YamahaOutboards.com covers all the topics that can help get peak performance out of your outboard motor including lower unit care, winterizing, the importance of Yamaha OEM fuel filters as well as caring for the external components of your engine like the power trim-and-tilt cylinder, propellers. Boaters can also take an in-depth look at caring for and servicing their lower unit gear case and other commonly overlooked components. And it doesn’t just stop with your engines. Yamaha covers everything from battery maintenance to prop selection and rigging.

Looking for the right propeller to get the most performance and fuel efficiency out of your outboard? YamahaOutboards.com can get you propped out and on your way to better performance, holeshot and fuel economy. And there is no place better to find authorized Yamaha fluids, oils additives or accessories.

Still not sold?

Then learn about reliable four-stroke power from Yamaha Outboards directly from fishing and boating pros, as well as first responders — like fire chiefs in Alabama — who count on Yamaha to get them there and back on life-saving missions.

To learn more about boating, Yamaha Outboards, and how they can help you get more out of your time on the water with family and friends, or locate an authorized dealer near you, visit www.yamahaoutboards.com. And remember, when it comes to peak performance on the water, Maintenance Matters®.

Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle.com



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