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Dumpster Rental Houston, Texas Dumpster Rentals In Houston

Houston Waste Services is a company that specializes in waste removal. When you choose Houston Garbage Services to hire a dumpster, you can expect inexpensive, dependable, and expert waste management services regardless of the size of your business or industry.

Your business expects a lot of you & your employees. You may have put off selecting a dependable business trash service and garbage management supplier due to daily duties and long-term aims for your company. That’s where we comes in.

Our staff of commercial garbage haulers has over seven decades of dumpster rental, garbage service, recycling, and waste management experience.

We work very closely with our customers to ensure that our business dumpster services are ideally adapted to their needs, and we can even send a cutting-edge front-end load dumpster to your location. Once your organization joins the Houston Waste Management family, you may count on us to work with your schedule to collect and dispose of waste & recyclables as needed.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Dumpster Rental Companies?

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You, your staff, &  your customer will not have to bother about rubbish again if you select us for your business waste solutions.

We take pleasure in tailoring our business trash services to match your specific requirements and expectations.

For fully comprehensive commercial garbage service needs, Houston Garbage Services offers 3 commercial waste management divisions, as well as monthly waste reports, stationary compactors,  and routine waste and recycling pickups. Our front-end dumpsters are available in a variety of sizes to satisfy the needs of the various industries with which we collaborate.

Choose the dumpster rental firm that does not stink when you need dependable trash rental services in  Houston area. To learn further about our services & dumpster rental costs, call (281) 817-1106 immediately.

In The Midst Of Controversy, Houston Passes A New Dumpster Diving Law

HOUSTON, TX  — The city of Texas recently passed the new ordinance decriminalizing the act of searching public trash cans for any things. This law, dubbed the “dumpster diving ordinance,” allows anybody to search through any public garbage bin without fear of receiving a citation or even being arrested.

This change in Houston’s rules is mostly the result of a scenario that received national media attention early in 2013. A homeless man was ticketed by the Houston police officer for digging into a Dumpster in the city canter. Despite the fact that the officer was acting within his powers, the unfavorable publicity, which favored the homeless guy, prompted the proposal to be put to a vote.

The amendment is barely passed, and those who rejected it in the 1st place are now slamming it. Many council members point to the recent Boston Marathon bombings, in which trash cans were used to hide explosives. They are concerned that allowing anyone to enter public rubbish containers may lead to similar acts of terror.

On both sides, there have been some excellent points made. Trespassing on private property is still against the law in Houston. Those seeking to conceal their waste should avoid placing it in public containers, as this is now legal.

Many people believed this was an attack on homeless individuals simply looking for their next meal, which is why it got national media attention. That isn’t always the case, as “dump diving” is part of a global trend known as “freeganism.”

The anti-consumerist worldview includes the practice of relying only on food which is found or is free of charge. This movement began in San Francisco and has since spread throughout the world, with a stronghold in Houston.

Dumpster rentals in Houston are not their only source of food, however since over half of food is wasted, they offer a significant portion of it. Freegans also rely on gardening to share and produce their own food.

Finally, this law will make Houston a more environmentally friendly city with less garbage. This change will give a lot of benefits as long as persons entering the vessels have great intent. Houston, hopefully, can set an example as a freegan-friendly metropolis.