Double Diamond Outfitters Delivers the Rio Grande Turkey


Double Diamond Outfitters Delivers the Rio Grande Turkey


It’s no wonder Texas is the premier destination when it comes to turkey hunting, seeing as that the estimated turkey population comes in at over 600,000 birds. When it comes to the ‘best of the best’ – Rio Grande Turkey calls Texas home. And there is one hunting guide who makes your turkey hunt a true success; all you have to do is make plans with Double Diamond Outfitters, and you can take that Rio Grande trophy home.

Wes Mundy, the Owner, and Operator of Double Diamond, has a true passion for the outdoors that began when he was just a boy, spending his days running around South, Central and West Texas enjoying both the hunting and fishing Texas provides. Since the age of sixteen, he’d been looking to start his own outfitting business one day which caused Double Diamond to be born in 2005. The rest, as they say, “is history.”

With the wealth of experience Wes gained from all the hunts he was on with large camps, not knowing the majority of the hunters and what experience to expect, he made sure that his own company did things differently. Booking a hunt for that Rio Grande tom or hen through Double Diamond allows you to have a great experience, with Wes being a part of every hunt. You, your group or family has access to some of the best ranches in the state, allowing your trip to be set up in order to meet your specific needs and/or desires. Going along on the hunt helps Wes to ensure that all groups have the ultimate success. Even semi-guided hunts are offered so that those turkey hunters who enjoy the thrill of calling for themselves will not be disappointed.

With several properties located in both the Hill Country and South Texas, every group can be accommodated, even corporate teams. Depending on the number of hunters within the group, Double Diamond provides areas and pastures to hunt that range from approximately 400 to 800 acres per hunter. And if the group is large enough, the entire lodge will be at your disposal. You will literally get the ranch and lodge all to yourselves.

So how does the hunt proceed? Typically, your turkey hunt starts within calling distance of a roost or feeding area, either in a ground blind or hidden in the brush, and from there you will be free to “run and gun” or sit and call, depending on your preference. The schedule most hunters like to follow allows them to hunt till noon, come in for a great lunch and a relaxing time before heading out on the afternoon hunt. During the spring turkey season gobblers call all day long trying to locate a receptive hen, so the early afternoon is a great time to locate that tom you’ve been looking for. When the afternoon comes to a close, hunters will usually start heading back within calling distance of the roost hoping to cut the birds off before they set up house for the evening. But, remember, all groups are free to hunt as they prefer.

The list of things included in the Texas Turkey hunts with Double Diamond Outfitters is a long one. Booking for three days/two nights, two birds (toms) per hunter, your group will receive meals, lodging, transportation to the pastures of choice, and field care of your trophies. Non-hunting guests are certainly welcome ($250/per person/per night), with airport pickup supplied at $150.00 per person (minimum of three).

The turkey hunting season is a huge one for the Lone Star State, and with some soft calls and a little luck, you can locate a roost, set up decoys in the “fly down” zone, and coax those turkeys to you. If the “run and gun” format suits you better—working hard to cover the territory in order to locate your gobbler of choice—that works just as well. But no matter what your preference may be, Diamond Double Outfitters makes sure the Rio Grande Turkey is there for the taking before you and your group head to your own comfortable “roost” for the night.


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