Crossbow Hunting Tips: Create the Perfect Blind Setup


Crossbow Hunting Tips: Create the Perfect Blind Setup


For crossbow hunters, a good blind is certainly not a requirement for success, but using one definitely ups the odds as well as adds to the hunter’s overall comfort. However, blinds are ideal when hunting with children, new hunters, and physically-limited hunters.


The interior spaciousness of today’s pop-ups blinds often provides room for two or more hunters where they can sit close together and keep hidden, enabling communication, instruction and even physical assistance. Plus, it allows you to set out and organize your calls and other gear such as spare crossbow arrows, cocking devices, and removable quiver so you can quickly access them when and if needed.


The enclosed blind also protects you from nasty weather and helps to contain your scent. The flexibility to quickly setup, move, and relocate your ground cannot be ignored either. Should the wind change direction or rain move into your area, as it often does during breezy cold fronts in the fall and winter, you can easily relocate to more favorable areas. All this provides you more time in the field!


Finally, and perhaps most obviously, the blind conceals movements needed to prepare for shooting inside the blind – cocking the crossbow, loading an arrow, shouldering the bow, etc.


While these benefits are numerous, ground blinds do come with nuances and proper preparation is needed to build the perfect blind setup for your crossbow.


Turbo_GT_AD_950x650_Award_LogoFirst, you’ll want a lightweight, compact crossbow that is easy to handle and maneuver. Plenty of models from TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, Horton Crossbow Innovations, and Wicked Ridge crossbows offers just that. The Turbo GT, for example, weighs 6.5 pounds, measures 35-inches long, and has an axle-to-axle width of 13.5-inches – making it extremely easy to maneuver inside the blind and deliver shots in tight quarters.StormRDX_Premium_AD_950x650_with_Award_Logo


In addition, TenPoint and Horton offer a reverse draw crossbow as well that are even more narrow than the above mentioned Turbo GT.


For new hunters, children, and physically-limited hunters, keeping a steady aim is essential for crossbow hunting, and is quite possibly the biggest TP_Steddy_Eddy_960x760challenge. When seconds turn into minutes, holding an aim can be a challenge. Not so with the TenPoint Steddyeddy Crossbow Monopod System.


The telescoping two-section monopod ensures motion-free shooting with the shooting stick supported against the ground or your mid-section. Its length can be set from 25 to 36 inches and it includes a 360-degree rapid-pivot tube. Simply put, it’s easy to handle, makes steady shots a given, and adds to your whitetail deer hunting success.


You’ll also want to be able to hear the limbs, twigs and leaves outside the blind as an animal draws near. Walker’s Game Ear is widely considered the industry standard. Advanced digital circuitry GWP-NHE_tand nano technology water repellence provide the best aids available for safety, hearing protection and better hearing in the woods.


While there a number of ways to enhance your crossbow hunting experiences from a blind, these few suggestions should have provided you with creating an ideal setup for a successful hunting season!

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