Catching the Walleye with Ely in Minnesota


Catching the Walleye with Ely in Minnesota


One of the most relaxing activities and locations you can think of go hand in hand, that of Walleye fishing on the lakes of Minnesota. The state referred to as “The Star of the North” has its own star Walleye just waiting to be caught; true trophies that anglers are dying to land. There’s one company that’s

all about taking such anglers out on lakes filled with these trophies and guiding them through some of the most beautiful scenery in this country. The name is Ely Fishing Guide Company who boast their own motto: “We Catch Fish!” And they never disappoint.

Located in Ely, Minnesota on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, the company has the finest fishing guides on staff, each known for their longtime knowledge and ability. Not only does the Ely Fishing Guide Company hold the best-kept fishing secrets of the area, but they also make it their top priority to provide an unforgettable experience to their customers.


Fishing as a team, this gives the Ely guides a unique advantage of knowing where and how the fish are biting at all times so that they can exceed clients’ expectations. With specialized packages to choose from, the company offers journeys set on a variety of local and remote lakes, as well as overnight trips. With Ely guides putting your needs and wants first, they’ll place you on the best reefs, holes, and cast the most productive shorelines.


One of the packages available is set on the famed Basswood Lake. This is one of, if not the Northern Minnesota prime fishing spot, known to produce Walleye over fourteen pounds. This lake has what most anglers are looking for: an excellent population of game fish as well as a legitimate shot at the catch of a lifetime. Not to mention, the comfort of the boats (14ft to 16ft) make it an even better time on the water, with all boats equipped with seats and backrests. Packages include the guide, boat, gas, bait and tackle, and the rates vary when choosing from eight hour, six hour or four hour excursions.


If you wish to fish right outside your cabin door, you can choose package #2 which focuses on the Ely, Minnesota area lakes. The fastest and most productive way to learn the lake is with a guided trip. The Ely Fishing Guide Company knows that while on your vacation, your time is limited, so their guides teach you locations and techniques that will help you catch more fish safely and comfortably, while also landing that once-in-a-lifetime Walleye.


Even more, packages to choose from include one that brings clients to remote lakes found in the North woods. This is a truly great fishing adventure, seeing as you may be the only people fishing these waters at any given time. These Minnesota “gems” go relatively unfinished throughout the season due to their isolated locations and, in some cases, unknown fish populations. Which makes this the perfect trip for those who want to add a little excitement to their fishing experience as Ely guides take you to that Walleye population that can no longer avoid your line.


From a day in the canoe where you can fish in the Boundary Waters Area with Walleye that seldom see a rod and reel—where your guide will position your canoe allowing you maximum time to cast, troll or jig for a delicious shore lunch prepared along the water’s edge; to a “Grand Slam” package that includes three days of guided fishing customized to allow you to experience everything Ely has to offer.

For those overnight trips, you can choose package #6 that offers fully outfitted, fully guided fishing base camps on Basswood Lake and the rest of the Boundary Waters Area. Whether wanting a motorboat trip or a canoe trip, the base camp is a great way to experience the wilderness while still enjoying some of the comforts of home. And when it comes time to enjoy your very own “catch of the day,” having a shore lunch is a popular choice where you and a guest can savor a delicious meal prepared by your guide.

With all the cool trips to choose from it is no wonder why the Ely Fishing Guide Company prides itself on their repeat customers. There’s no better way to judge a successful Minnesota guide service than seeing familiar faces again and again. And after you head to Ely once, it’s a guarantee that you, too, will make it an annual celebration.


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