Catch Big Bull Redfish Now!


Catch Big Bull Redfish Now!

By Craig Lamb

Think fall and just about anything but going fishing comes to mind. That’s understandable. Thoughts of football, hunting, and other popular outdoor activities come to mind with the mild days and cool nights.

Cooler weather also brings some of the best fishing of the year to south Louisiana. Not just any kind of fishing. Imagine the drag screaming on your spinning reel as a bull redfish makes a freight train run in the coastal marsh.



Trophy bull reds are more active now than any other time of the year. You can catch more and bigger redfish, enjoy the weather, and do it all with a world-class outfitter.

Home Run Fishing Charters and Lodge is the premier outfitter in Venice and for a lot of reasons. Luxury accommodations, gourmet dining, Cajun hospitality and experienced, licensed captains using the latest and best boats and equipment are why.

Here are the reasons why now is the time for a trip to south Louisiana and Home Run Charters.

The Mississippi River infuses coastal marshes with nutrients that supercharge the food chain. Think a food chain, from tiny crustaceans to top-level predators, that live on steroids. The fish grow big, fight hard and are plentiful.

In fall, the Mississippi River is lower than any other time of the year. As a result, the water is clearer and conditions more predictable. Baitfish are plentiful in the shallow water, and that presence sparks the predator instinct of the redfish.

“You can see the fish tailing, feeding and those months, by far, are the best time to come here,” said Brian Sherman, a licensed saltwater captain, and guide at Home Run Charters. “You can put the fly two, three feet ahead of the fish.”

The resulting adrenaline rush of a 27-plus inch redfish peeling off line as you grip a doubled-over rod can’t be beat. Expect to do that more than once, if the conditions are right.

“It’s kind of a man-to-man, hand to hand combat kind of experience,” added Sherman. “Most guys who come here don’t expect the kind of fight those reds put up in the shallow marsh, and especially when they are aggressively feeding in fall.”

Bring your fly fishing gear, casting or spinning tackle. The bonus is the redfish let their guard down because they are so focused on chasing bait and cruising the flats for shrimp and crabs. Live bait, shrimp and crab soft plastic imitators, plugs. Choose your favorite and hang on for the fight of your fishing life.

“It’s a great time of year for novice anglers or newcomers to saltwater fishing,” explained Sherman. “The fish are just easier to catch, they fight harder and will hook just about anybody regardless of skill level.”

Redfish, Home run charters

What sets Home Run Charters apart is the Home Run Lodges. The lodges are located within the very same marina where you will meet your captain and board their boat. You can have a tasty breakfast and be out the door and into the boat within minutes.

You can dine, rest and sleep and luxury at the lodge. Rates begin at $159 per person. Accommodations are three separate lodges with kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedrooms. Also included in the package is breakfast, a boxed lunch, and dinner. Or, you can stay in the lodge for $99 per person without meals.

The perfect fall fishing vacation is waiting for you at Home Run Charters & Lodge.

Got questions? Click here for answers to frequently asked questions. Ready to book a trip. Go for it by clicking here. Got more questions? Call (504) 982-8862, or (504) 909-TUNA.


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