Carolina Skiff Leader in Category for Quality Construction


Carolina Skiff Leader in Category for Quality Construction

By Craig Lamb

The versatile skiff needs no introduction to inshore boaters. Most enjoy their time on the water to the fullest. One day that might be pulling crab traps and the next outing could be free diving over lobster beds. Casting for multi-species gamefish is a given, too. So is a day of sightseeing with friends and family.

The demands of tossing crab traps or skis on deck, storing myriad fishing tackle needed for a day on the inlet, and providing a smooth, dry ride for cruising all befall on the design and construction of a skiff.

How can a no-frills rig designed for variety offer space, comfort and durability all in one? Carolina Skiff figured out the answers long ago.

For 30 years now, customer loyalty has grown, along with a longtime dealer network that proclaims Carolina Skiff as the best in the class. The reason why is quality design and construction.

Durability is a foundation of all Carolina Skiff models. Patented box-beam construction produces a solid, durable, no-flexing hull that is completely wood free. You get peace of mind and years of enjoyment knowing a solid hull is the foundation of any boat, and that is a priority at Carolina Skiff.

Carolina Skiff is so confident in its hull design the company warrants the hull’s bottom construction against delamination or separation for five years, providing that the integrity of the hull and floor has not been damaged by improper use.

Get even more peace of mind from the foam floatation used in the hull that exceeds U.S. Coast Guard requirements. Foam flotation exceeds Coast Guard requirements, providing positive flotation for shallow draft and quick-planning characteristics. Using more flotation than necessary also creates sound-deadening properties that make the ride smoother and quieter.

The design of a Carolina Skiff is meant to push the limits of a skiff beyond its definition. In the JVX Series, gaining access to the skinniest of water is never an issue. The lightweight hull and modified V-hull design produces a boat that carries more weight further and faster with less horsepower. Greater fuel economy, nimble maneuvering in narrow channels, and better performance are the results.

With the DLX Series, you get a patented hull design with bow splash guards to keep everyone aboard dry from bow over spray. The DLX has positive tracking keels on the running surface. That feature keeps the boat tracking true while maneuvering, without the typical flat-bottom slide.

You have a lot of options about finding out more about the JVX, DLX and other Carolina Skiff models. There are 60 in all from which to choose and you can get started at You can find a dealer, learn more about the brand legacy, and build a boat on the website.  Join the community of Carolina Skiff followers at the Carolina Skiff Facebook Page.



Original Source:  Sportsmans


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