Bass Fishing a Family Affair for the Robinsons


Bass Fishing a Family Affair for the Robinsons

By Craig Lamb

To say bass fishing is a huge part of daily life in the Robinson family is right on. The South Carolina father and husband, Marty, is a pro on the Bassmaster® Elite Series and Major League Fishing®. Sons Marshall, age 14, and Mitchell, age 12, compete at the youth level of tournaments and their mother Iris is coach of the James F. Byrnes High School bass fishing team in their hometown of Spartanburg. Marty brings the family affair full circle as a team captain.

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Recently, the team made the headlines as the Byrnes Rebels won the 2018 Bassmaster® High School Eastern Open held on nearby Lake Hartwell, in Lyons, S.C.

The team of Marshall and Mason Fulmer caught five bass that weighed 17 pounds, 12 ounces to win on what is practically their home lake. The Rebels were awarded first-place plaques and a $1,500 payout for the team. The win was also impressive because they out-fished 156 other teams and earned a spot in the Bassmaster® High School National Championship set for August on Kentucky Lake.

The Robinsons are grounded by bass fishing and in their choice of boats. Marty, a Skeeter Pro, bought his sons a Skeeter® to use in their tournaments. The family acquired a late model SX170 and repowered the rig with a Yamaha VF90 four-stroke outboard.

“We have a horsepower restriction on the lake where we live so repowering with the 90 was what we did,” said Robinson. “Marshall and Mitchell can fish near home and get more time on the water.”

To say Marshall and Mitchell are hooked on fishing is an understatement.

“They would rather go fishing than anything else teenage boys would do,” said Marty. “After school, they both come in through the front door and head straight for the back door.”

Outside their backdoor is the lake where the boys hone their skills. Ironically, the initial teacher of those skills was not Marty, but Iris.

“Marty is more of a classroom style teacher,” she explained. “He shows and tells them what to do from the front of the boat.”

Iris, on the other hand, taught her boys the basic, hands-on mechanics of how to cast at a very young age. That gives Marshall and Mitchell the best of both worlds.

The Robinson boys have the mechanics of fishing down pat, and now they are applying those skills in tournaments. Valuable time spent in the backyard lake and then on tournament waters has been beneficial to them both.

Trophies on display inside the house drive home the point; and local, state and national trophies are the proof. Iris has also come full circle from the early days of putting fishing rods in the tiny hands of her sons.

Last August, Byrnes High School was in need of a coach for the bass fishing team. Iris accepted the offer and stepped up to take on the challenge.

“At the first meeting I expected eight or so teams to show up,” she recalled. “Instead it was 60 kids all interested in joining the team.”

On any given weekend, or tournament, 15 teams from the school are competing on a lake in South Carolina.

For sure, bass fishing is a family affair for the Robinsons.

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