Crossing Mexico On Aspen’s 10,000 Mile Tour

An Aspen Power Catamaran C120 continues an enterprising cruise of over 10,000 miles. David and Sue Ellen Jenkins the proud owners of Knot Wafflen’, a new 40’ Aspen Cat, have teamed up with Captain Blake Eder and Larry Graf founder of Aspen Power Catamarans to take their boat on a shake-down cruise like no

The World’s First Outboard Powered PROA Catamaran is Developed

Aspen Power Catamarans feature a unique patented PROA catamaran design that creates stability, and efficient performance while also providing a platform ideal for maximizing accommodations. They have been building and selling diesel-powered catamarans for a decade and are now are introducing a new series of Outboard powered boats. Larry Graf, the founder of Aspen, developed a revolutionary Power PROA design and drive system where the hulls look identical

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