Atlantic Coast Striped Bass


By Capt. Gus Cane


Long revered as one of the most popular gamefish along the Atlantic Coast, striped bass are found from the coastal rivers and surf to nearshore depths. An anadromous species that reside in saltwater only to return to freshwater estuaries to spawn, stripers can live up to 30 years. Trophy sizes exceed 50 pounds. Declining stocks recently has forced more restrictions on the harvest, but catch and release opportunities still abound using a variety of baits, lures, and techniques.

Photo by Capt. Mack aboard a 2410 Bay Max

Striped bass are a migratory species ranging from northern Florida to the Canadian Maritime provinces. Bait movement and water temperatures play a significant role in where they congregate. Most spend winters off Virginia and North Carolina before heading back north into the Mid-Atlantic and New England. The Chesapeake Bay is the top spawning zone, followed by the Hudson and Delaware Rivers, so multi-state management is necessary for healthy stocks. Over-fishing of menhaden, a prime forage for stripers, is contributing to lower biomass numbers.

With thick bodies and powerful tails, stripers are prized for savage strikes and strong initial runs. Tackle is geared accordingly based on the size of targets and style of fishing. Depending on the season and locale, stripers can be caught on light outfits and soft-plastic jigs, especially in the rivers before they return to the sea. Also known as rockfish, jetties, rip-rap, and rocky bottom are prime spots to prospect. Anglers who like to sight-fish their quarry can spot cruising fish on shallow sand and mud bars in places like the Monomoy Flats on Cape Cod. Fly-rodders get in on the action using sink tip or shooting head lines tossing Deceiver or Clouser minnows.

Atlantic Coast Striped Bass Long revered as one of the most popular gamefish along the Atlantic Coast, striped bass are found from the coastal rivers

2210 Carolina Bay

Stripers aren’t too picky when it comes to their menu. Live and dead menhaden (bunker/pogy), eels, spot, mackerel, herring, and sea worms are all enticing. When the bunker schools get thick in the summer months, baits are often snagged and then left to drift. Mackerel can be slow trolled as well.

Trolling lures is another popular method. Lipped plugs such as Rapala Magnum X-Raps or bunker spoons like the Tony Maja variety, on regular or wireline to achieve greater depth, is a very effective tactic.

Diving birds, bait pushed to the surface, and slicks are good indicators of feeding activity. Casting into the frenzy with top-water poppers and stick baits like the Cotton Cordell Pencil Poppers, Yo-Zuri Bull Poppers, or Heddon Super Spooks is usually successful in those circumstances. If fish are marked on the sonar below the surface, heavier swim baits like Storm Swim Shad or Al Gag and Hogy plastic eel lures will trigger strikes.

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