Alabama: This is the Place for Post-Season Quail Hunting

  Alabama: This is the Place for Post-Season Quail Hunting

By Amy Lignor

From Decatur to Tuscaloosa; from Montgomery to Mobile—Alabama has a list of elite choices when it comes to lodging and quail hunting in the form of the Alabama Quail Trail.

This amazing website lists everything from public lands to private plantations, showing you what the great state of Alabama offers to hunters – offerings that are beyond memorable. Alabama Quail Trail For those who are unaware, quail populations appeared to reach their peak in the early 1970’s, throughout Alabama as well as the rest of the Southeast United States. Since then, quail populations have been declining for the past thirty years. However, there are bright spots that show quail hunting is once again on the rise, as more and more residents and government programs work to bring the bird populations back to life.

Beginning in November, quail hunting continues until late February, and when it comes to booking your trip, there are numerous locations to choose from along the Alabama Quail Trail where you can have a ball.

Taking just one of the sites along the trail as an example of what amazing locales you can find available, Sedgefields Lakes Plantation has been part of some of the most prestigious quail hunting sites in the country since the early 1930’s.

Both wild and released quail live under the stately pines of this historic plantation. And when it comes to the hunt for you and your friends, the terrain you will cover ranges from awesome wooded areas to large fields that play home to Sedgefields. Even well-trained hunting dogs are provided to you and your guests; these educated canines are worked by professional guides in order for you to make your quail hunting trip as successful as possible.

Being able to choose between morning or afternoon Jeep-style hunts, you are also able to select a split hunt with overnight accommodations. Accommodations that are so nice you will choose to re-visit the Plantation each and every year. Sedgefields Lakes Plantation When speaking about Sedgefields, as well as many more along the Alabama Quail Trail, you’re speaking about the ultimate outdoorsmen/women experience. Located in the Black Belt Region of Alabama, in Union Springs, Sedgefields Lakes Plantation is a modern facility; however, it has also kept that one-of-a-kind southern hospitality and charm as the decades have gone by. It was an avid hunter that purchased this land in the 1920’s, and made it into one of the most popular places for bird hunting as well as prestigious field trials that still occur today.

Completely diverse when it comes to the variety of land areas, the Sedgefields Lakes Plantation is also far more than what you would expect a typical hunting lodge to be, offering you a list of amenities and incredible customer service as you engage in the best quail hunting around. You will dine on authentic southern cuisine during your stay at this plantation. The field house offers comfortable accommodations for up to 12 people; you also can choose the private guest cottages which are available for smaller groups of up to 8 people. Whether it be corporate hunting events or smaller groups of family and friends, Sedgefields Lakes Planation caters to one and all.

And that is just one example of the great locations to be found and experienced along the Alabama Quail Trail!

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